Thursday, March 17, 2016

It's March, Where are They?

This morning I woke up thinking that we should be seeing kittens any day now.  January and February are always the quietest months, but in March it seems that things start picking up. I went into the blog archives to see if we were holding kittens on March 17th of the previous years,  and discovered that more years than not, we did.

March 17th 2015:
No kittens, just the big cats! But we were still sidelined after the ringworm incident that fall, so even if there were kittens at the shelter, we couldn't have them.

But we had this silly thing to keep us entertained that DAY.


No kittens on March 17th of 2014, but we had an update on Opal the Kitten (not Opal the Human). We were still taking a break because of Filbert's virus at this time, so no kittens for us.


On March 17th of 2013, we had Wylla and Audrey, and they were tiny.  We were in the thick of it with Wylla, and trying to get to the bottom of her health issues. She had just returned from spending a few days in Vet Treatment where she got poked, prodded, and tested for everything. It was a hard time for her. And it was hard for us too -- so much worry.


On March 17 of 2012, the Knapps had JUST arrived the day before and we got to meet little Wylie.

Gosh, that nose. Just look at that nose.


 On March 17th of 2011, we had the seriously cute Medley family in our care. Egads!


No kittens on March 17th in 2010, and Bean was BORED.  The Spooners had just left the week before, and the Lytteltons would move in one week later.


On March 17th of 2009, we had the Ashbys.  Milton, who was the biggest, was getting close to making weight! 


 On March 17th of 2008, we were midway through the Mayfield litter. Here's pensive little Porter.


This give me hope, folks. Historically, we usually have kittens in March, so hopefully we'll be seeing them SOON!



  1. we don't have kittens yet either.... we are torn between thinking it is good news that maybe the spay and neuter lectures are working ....and having kitten withdrawal :)

  2. i love that picture of little Wylla!!!

  3. Thanks for the wander down Memory Lane! Given how odd this winter has been, I'm not surprised the Kittens have not arrived yet.

  4. "Wiley Knapp Likes to Leap" is MY ALL favorite IBKC post :)

  5. Wylla was a dog gone cute kitten! Even I, a dog who would love to chase y'all kitties around, think you, Mrs. Wylla Stout, were a cute kitten, and so are your little kitten pals!

    Your Dachshund pal,

  6. I do worry sometimes that if everyone is responsible and spays or neuters their cats, there will be no more kittens....

    1. Numbers are improving at our shelter, but I think we're very far away from that. No cause for worry!

  7. I am glad Charlene had her 'all about me' day with just family.
    When the kits arrive for you, we will celebrate them. Until then a tiny little happy dance for Spay\Neuter

  8. Thank you for all the wonderful flashbacks! That one of Wylla at the top there, that is MONEY! Such a graceful, beautiful profile.

  9. Wylla was such a ridiculous looking bundle of fluff as a wee one. And now she's all glamorous and model-like.

    I suppose, on the one hand, it's a good thing that there are no poor wee orphan homeless kittens.

  10. Yep, I'm anxiously waiting for a march litter of kittens too! It is so hard after a long, kittenless winter!

  11. gorgeous - and what a great idea for a post when things are quiet. I bet you could do the same thing on almost any given day and find something wonderful.

  12. This tour of the past reminded me how long I've been following this blog... since at least 2008. Wow! That's longer than I've stuck with a lot of other things. Thanks, Laurie for the great photography, kitten stories, and enthusiasm for animals!



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