Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Cataloon Quest

My quest to get photo documentation of Wylla's fabulous cataloons continued yesterday,  and I spent more time than I would care to admit trying to capture them.

Finally, in the late afternoon I found success when we all stepped out on the deck to enjoy the gorgeous sun. Wylla hopped up on the railing and did her little stroll on the catwalk, which put her little kitten pants at the perfect height for photographing.

Here you go.

Here are Wylla's cataloons and fabulous plume-of-a-tail in full glory!


Aren't they fabulous??

Here's another shot with her tail down. It looks like she's wearing a little pair of fuzzy cowgirl chaps with mismatched boots.


 The girls were so happy out there on the deck, and what I thought would be a 30 minute break, turned to almost two full hours of soaking in the sun.  I just didn't have the heart to make them come inside -- they were just enjoying it too much. So was I. I love watching my happy cats.









  1. What do you do to insure that they don't sprint off the deck? I would be too worried!

    1. They're good kitties, they understand the rules, and they're supervised. They're happy to sit up high on the deck and survey the world beneath. It's too high up for them to leap to the ground, and if they tiptoe too close to the stairs, you just have to yell their name and they stop in their tracks. Sprinting has never been an issue, and I'm never worried.

    2. I wish my kitties were that well behaved outdoors!

  2. Aahh - Cataloons in the Wind! Such a lovely, fluffy, colorful sight. Thanks for taking so much time to get these fab shots! My Maine Coons have very black back legs, so their cataloons look like Cossack pants stuffed into tall black boots.

    1. I love that description. It's very easy to picture, and I can only imagine how large their 'Cossack pants' must be. Coonies are most floofy!

  3. Beautiful cataloons and tail to match!! Your patience is our reward Laurie, LOL. I also like the picture of Bean on the railing with one paw on each side, our big boy cat Tux does that on one of our chairs. Then he gets that I'm in charge here look :)

  4. Nothin' better than fresh air sniffies and warm sun :)

  5. Beautiful pictures! I didn't know Charlene was a monorail cat too.

  6. I love how Charlene just flops on the rail, so comfy !!! Yes Wylla you have some amazing fluffy Cataloons !!

  7. A prime specimen of cataloons. Ps. The cowboy/girl chaps you are thinking of are called "woolies".

  8. Now THIS is what the internet is for. Haha! I can't even tell you how happy this makes me. :)

  9. Wylla looks very much grown up and no longer wee in the last picture. Love her cataloons!

    I love how Charlene just hangs out on the deck railing, legs dangling down. She seems to have an air of "I'm here and I'm awake; what more do you want?" or "I'm soaking up sun. Go away unless it's a dire emergency, by which I mean 'there's no kitten kibble left in the world, anywhere, at all'." *G* Her stretch on the deck reminds me of the Happy Kitty Pose the family cats would take on the front walk of the house I grew up in when we let them outside in good weather when I was growing up. They'd also roll and writhe around, so happy to be outside. They were supervised, and on a collar with a long piece of clothesline attached.



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