Monday, March 7, 2016

Help Us Celebrate Our Girl!


On Tuesday, March 15th our dear Charlene Butterbean will be turning TEN years old. I can hardly believe it's possible -- it seems that only yesterday she was an itty-bitty Bean toddling around and getting into kitten mischief.

We'll have a full of day of birthday celebrating on Tuesday, so clear your calendars, it's going to be one big party ALL DAY LONG.

I'm putting a little birthday slideshow together for the occasion, and we're hoping you might like to  contribute a birthday greeting for it.  What we're looking for is just a single image (no videos, please) of your cats (or other critter, or YOU) wishing Bean a Happy Birthday. If you would like to include any text, please overlay it on the photo, don't just send the message in the body of the email when you submit your image.

We did something similar for Wylla's first birthday, so if you need some inspirational ideas you can watch the video HERE.

Please email your submissions HERE with "Butterbean Birthday" in the subject line by 8:00 AM (Pacific Time) Saturday, March 12th.

Thank you in advance for helping make Bean's 10th birthday a special one!


  1. Got my party hats ready for myself, Reilly and Sprite. Party on in CT for Charlene!

  2. A decade of Butterbean -- bliss!

  3. So gorgeous, and she doesn't look a day over five.

  4. A Timeless beauty
    A wise mentor to kittens all around



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