Friday, March 4, 2016

A Peek at the Posters

The Internet Cat Video Fest tickets are flying out the door, so they've been adding additional screenings for the night of April 11th. The 6:45 show has sold out, but there are still seats available for the 6:30, 7:00, and 7:15 screenings. Please don't delay -- there's a lot of enthusiasm about the event, and I would not be surprised if all the seats get filled! To learn more about the Fest and get your tickets, please visit HERE!

Many of you asked about the movie posters on our tiny theatre lobby set, so I wanted to share a up-close look at them.

First we have "Dial M for Meow" a play on the Hitchcock thriller "Dial M for Murder."  The kitty on the poster is Priscilla Batsel, who's as elegant as Grace Kelly, don't you think?




And there's "Let the White One In," which is play on the slow, dark, and uber-creepy Swedish movie,  "Let the Right One In."  The "white one" on the poster is dear Linus Medley.


And finally, "The Seventh Sealpoint" by Ingmar Birman. I'm guessing we have some Ingmar Bergman fans in the crowd, so I'm sure you caught the reference, but for those who didn't, it's a play on "The Seventh Seal." The Seal Point is sweet little Gaetano Fortunato.


Craig and I collaborated on these posters, and had some good laughs creating them. We've got some more ideas up our sleeves, and if time allows, we'll add them to the set.

OH, and what about the award?

Because she's so dramatic....


Congratulations, Charlene Butterbean!


  1. Love these so much! I'm sure you could print/sell them!? (hint hint) So adorable!

  2. Would love to buy these posters! And congrats to Leading Actress, Charlene for her big win! Standing out from all those kittens is not for the faint of heart.

  3. You and Craig are brilliant caring artists! Thank you.

  4. Love the video and posters. Congratulations to Charlene! Will she be making a speech?

  5. The video is wonderful--the Higgenbottoms deserve some sort of an award for their performance--the posters are fantastic and I agree with everyone that you should consider selling them, and a huge congratulations to Charlene for her award. She certainly deserves it.

  6. Shouldn't that award have been for the leading "Catress" ?

  7. This is so ridiculous and I LOVE IT!

  8. It would appear you're a fan of Swedish film, Lauri; two out of three! Being a Bergman fanatic (and I Swede) I did catch the Seventh Seal one in the original post—but I didn't see how it says 'Sealpoint'... Haha! All three posters are brilliant; what a creative mind. Let the White One In... :D

  9. And you had to go and call him Ingmar Birman...

  10. Love, love, love the Seventh Sealpoint. You guys are just too clever!



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