Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Best Outing Ever!

I was thinking about Wylla yesterday, and how now that she's better, we hardly ever travel with her. There's an occasional vet visit, but it really has been months since she's been out on her harness for an adventure.

We need to step out more. It's something we all enjoyed, and we need to do more of it again.  

I was thinking about some of the trips we took and the places we went, and I think the time we visited the Pink Door might be my very favorite "stepping out" moment.

I think it's worth a re-visit. It was such a fabulous day!


Wylla has done some restaurant dining on her travels, but we've never tried anything local, so when I heard my friend Shira was coming to Seattle for work and was hoping to meet Wylla while she was visiting, I had to do a little looking online to find us a pet-friendly spot to meet for a meal.   I was delighted to discover that The Pink Door, one of my favorite spots from my early Seattle days, allowed dogs on their patio. I emailed the office to see if a cat might be welcome, they said it would be fine, so I gave the front desk a call to make a reservation for our human/feline party of three.

It was a funny conversation.  

"A cat?" said the host.

"Yes, I would like to make a lunch reservation for two humans and a cat, on the patio," I explained.

"A cat? Could I put you on hold for one moment?" and while he did, I could hear a muffled conversation between the host and management.

He returned with a few questions, which I happily answered, and  I went on to share that this cat was no ordinary cat, and assured him it would be fine.

"She's had plenty of experience in restaurants,  is very relaxed, and is kind of internet famous,"  I explained.

The "internet famous" comment triggered an "OOOHHH" from the host, he disappeared briefly to have another muffled conversation, and when he returned, our reservation was booked.

I closed our conversation with "I know this is completely ridiculous," and he quickly responded, "That's fine, Ma'am, we'll see you on Monday".

I hung up the phone feeling  my crazy cat lady craziest.   But, hey!  We were going to lunch at The Pink Door!  The thought of this made giddy for days.

I had booked our reservation for 2:00 pm, hoping a later lunch would be a little more quiet, but the day was gorgeous, so the patio was hopping.  We tried to tuck ourselves out of the way while they figured out where to seat us, but with guests coming and going and waiters and waitresses rushing by,  it was a little chaotic.  I held Wylla close, because if she was going to get nervous at any point on the journey, this would be it, but she did great and waited patiently.


They gave us a nice table in a shadier part of the patio, helped us tuck our bags away (Wylla doesn't travel light) and Shira arrived.  Wylla settled quickly, curled up quietly on my lap, and stayed there through most the meal.  At one point she did get a little curious and climbed over my shoulder and onto a stack of menus on the table behind me,  but besides that, she was a very, very good kitten.  Most guests on the patio weren't even aware that there was a cat dining with them, unless they happened to catch a glimpse of her as they exited.

Lunch was delicious, and once plates were cleared, Wylla spent a little time on Shira's lap, and got a little love. They took some selfies together, and I took a few photos too, until the check arrived.

Wylla was The Pink Door's first ever feline diner, and hopefully she set a great example, and won't be their last!  A big thanks to everyone at The Pink Door for accommodating us.  It was a wonderful meal.

After our lunch,  I went and picked up Craig from work.  As we sat in afternoon traffic,  I shared the details of the day and rambled on for minutes on end about our experience.

"Did Wylla order the lobster?" was Craig's only question.

Here are a few photos from our delightful afternoon:


Could the pink door match Wylla any more perfectly?  


Shira was so happy to meet our wee girl. 


Such a good little Wylla, sitting on my lap while we lunched.  


Wylla doesn't travel light. That's the bag we carry for day trips. 


She was a calm kitty on Shira's lap, 


and was happy to receive a little love. 


Shira shoots a selfie with Wylla. 


Our tiny diner. 


  1. i loved this story the first time i read it and it does not disappoint the second time! Wylla is such a good girl...my Boo & Lily do not handle the car well, let alone a restaurant trip! Thank you for taking us down memory lane!

  2. I was just thinking too that there hadn't been an installment of Out and About with Wylla Stout in awhile. I'm pretty sure vet visits don't count.

    Thank you for sharing this story: I missed it the first time.

  3. Lucky Shira to have lunch, selfies AND a cuddle with Wylla. Did snort at Craig's question but what did Wylla order? And did Charlene get a Kitten Bag?

    1. I brought her some treats - there was nothing on the menu she could eat because of her MegaE! No leftovers for Charlene! She doesn't eat human food!

  4. The third pic... :) She's such a cutie.

  5. This was such a fun 'rerun'!
    Wylla's world has indeed changed since her Mega-E has abated.

    I am so jealous of Shira's moments with lovely Wylla!

  6. So cute! I'm trying to teach my 10 year old kitty how to walk with a harness & leash. She's not doing so great! :/ I'll have to show her Wylla again! :)

  7. I love the Stepping Out with Wylla Stout posts! Yes, you and Craig need to take a weekend trip with Miss Wylla! We need to see more of Craig...hint, hint.



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