Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Puzzle from the Past

A couple years ago, when we were hosting Hazel Swift and Effie Brisker, an old client of mine from my days as a florist asked to borrow a couple of kittens for a project. She was working for a local company that manufactured jigsaw puzzles, and they were in need of a kitten or two for a photo that could possibly be used on one of their puzzles.

We had the brief photo shoot with Effie and Hazel one afternoon, and that was that. I never followed up to see if an image was used for a puzzle, and the whole thing just slipped my mind.

Well, earlier this week, I was hunting online for a new jigsaw puzzle project for Craig and myself, and I ran across a familiar face!!!

LOOK! It's Effie Brisker right there in the middle of that picture puzzle!!!

How cute is that??!!

If you want to pick up a copy, the puzzle comes in 750 or 1000 pieces and is available at Puzzle Warehouse, Barnes and Noble , Simple Pastimes, and Amazon.

I think I'll order one for us. We normally prefer to tackle puzzles with more pieces, but for this cutie I will make an exception!

It was fun to be reminded of this sweet little pair of kittens. They were the first set Wylla got to help foster, so they will always be special to us!   Here are a few photos of the dear things from their time in our care.









If you want to see the lovely cats these two became, here's an update their parents shared with us last year.


  1. oh that picture of all them asleep in the basket! How precious. Too cute.

  2. That's awesome! I will keep that in mind as a gift idea. What cute kittens those two were, and they're now gorgeous adults.

  3. I have always loved that first picture of E and H. They look like you just got them out of bed!

    1. Are you talking about that sweet bedhead of Hazel's? :)

  4. How do you manage jigsaw puzzles with cats in the house? Do you have to keep the puzzle in a room closed off from cats? Mine enjoy smacking the little pieces around and then they vanish.

    1. Buddy, Tiger and Mr. Mistofelees' MomMarch 23, 2016 at 3:02 PM

      That's exactly what I was thinking! I had to give up keeping puzzles out because the boys think puzzle pieces are toys/snacks.

      How do you do it?

    2. We do it on the dining room table. They're good kitties!

  5. And ordered! I used Amazon Smile so at least a small donation will also go the my local animal shelter. Hooray, Effie!

    Laurie, do Wylla and Charlene like to "help" when you do puzzles? My sister and I have always had that "problem" with our cats...

    1. They're pretty good about leaving it alone, thankfully. Usually if we just pull out a chair for them so they can sit and watch, they're pretty happy.

  6. We're dying here! The cuteness is so...CUTE!

  7. I hope their parents see this post! What a great keepsake. It is a great shot.



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