Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New, New, New Stuff!!

As I mentioned earlier, I've been working like crazy the past few weeks to get lots of new products designed and up in the IBKC shop. Well, finally they're ready to go and the IBKC shop has been updated!!!  You can visit it HERE!

I'm pretty thrilled with the quality of the product --- the printers did any amazing job and delivered some very nice cards! The color is so rich and the paper is just lovely.  Honestly, I could not possibly be any happier than I am!

Here's a look at the new designs:

There's a Charlene Butterbean set, of course, with an assortment of portraits of our lovely girl.


And Wylla has her own set, too, illustrating her life from kittenhood to current day.


There's an all-tabby pack featuring six adorable tabbies in a variety of colors, shapes, and patterns!


Also a set that features some of our favorite family portraits over the years!


Some very sweet pairs of kitten siblings are featured in this pack.


There are six different cards in each of these sets and you have the option of purchasing them with or without envelopes.

In addition to these mixed sets, we have a few favorite designs that we've packed in bundles of six cards with envelopes.

Here are the single design sets:

We have this cuddly card with Baxter and Zelda Lamm -- a favorite image of many, I've been told!


A sweet postcard of Vivienne and Theodore Spooner spooning in the famous IBKC basket.


 And a little Valentine --- also featuring the Spooners!


On the back of all the cards in all of the sets  there's a tiny picture of the kittens along with their name (just in case you forgot who they were).


In celebration of the launch of the new card sets, I had some "bonus" cards printed.  For every set you buy, while supplies last, we'll throw in one of the bonus designs (there's a Charlene, Nigel and Mimsey Frost, Wylla and Kisses card) until they're all gone!  I'm passing out the Bean card first,  so if you want an undignified photo of our elegant gal, order soon!


In addition to our new card sets, I did some Itty Bitty Pin Sets! There are four different sets of six pins and all are a "mixed litter" of former foster kittens accompanied by a Bean and/or Wylla pin. They're packed in the cutest little boxes!  For each pin set purchased we'll be throwing in on of our "Bonus Cards" too (while supplies last).

Here's one of the pin sets.


And here's the cute little box they come in!


I had some rubber stamps made, so your product and packages will come to you with some fun details.


All the products are sorted, wrapped, and ready to go, so we'll be able to get them out the door and in your hands fast!

There's lots more in the works. Each month I plan to add new products and already have some waiting in the wings are ready to list.

I'm really excited about these new things, and I really, really hope you feel the same way.  While combing through the IBKC photo archives, I tried very hard to select images I thought you might enjoy.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all about the new product and feel free to share any ideas of things you would like to see in the future!

Please pop on over to the shop and take a look at all that's new!!


OH, one last thing before I go -- I would to move the last of the IBKC posters because they take up so much room to store, and I want to make room for new things, so they're priced to move and at $15 each!  What a bargain! They sold originally for $30 - $40 each! Get 'em while they last



  1. I see Wee Wylla has wiggled her way into every set of little pins... not that I'm complaining :)

  2. I ordered both of the posters a while back and they look great in my guest room! Everyone at the frame shop loved them too.

    1. I'm glad you like them! I do too! Both designers did such a great job.

  3. Omg! You have a card of Kisses!? That one of my favorites! The cards are wonderful. I may just have mosey over... Rae from Reno.

  4. Oh! They all look so adorable! It was a hard choice because I wanted to order them all (especially the buttons, if only to get that cute box!) but I had to limit myself to one set due to shipping costs and the dismal Canadian dollar :/ I can't wait to see what get added to the shop next!

  5. Those are some glamor shots of Bean! If she were ever to do internet dating (maybe she is? Heh), she'd be golden with those. Her eyes are like pools of tropical water... And Wylla in that little puffer vest... Oh god, I die.

    Everything looks SUPER nice. You must have had a really hard time choosing images though! On the plus side, I bet it was fun going down memory lane. And you'll have plenty of material making for making new sets every month!
    If I may give a recommendation: the 'yearbook shot' of Rupert Ashby is a *must*. J'adore. Also the delightfully stubbular Inez Davenport. And maybe one of the purritos? Sooo adorbs—and I think that's when a lot of people started flooding in to your site when it was posted on cuteoverload! So maybe those little darlings deserve to be honored. :)

  6. And maybe an "operators are standing by", haha! Man have those sets become elaborate/tremendous over the years, and, I mean, a kitten with a tiny phone??



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