Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Boop Revisisited

Yesterday, a gif of Wylla's famous "Bean booping" landed (once again) on one of those sites that posts cute cat video.   After I saw the gif, I went digging for the original clip that I had posted on the blog a couple of years ago.

Gosh, it's a hilarious moment and it sums up their big sister/pesky little sister relationship so well!

And then after I watched that clip a few (dozen) times, I started watching all sorts of young Wylla clips, and the afternoon slipped away.

Here are a few favorites I rediscovered:

And this one, oh this one! If you only have time to watch one clip, make it this one!


  1. Cutest kitten overload!
    I never tire of watching either of your girls.

  2. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! That is all. :-)

  3. Thanks for letting us re-visit Baby Wylla. Hard to remember just how tiny she was then.
    Love her many baths by Beanie and Audrey.

  4. Replies
    1. They were on Cute Overload??? I must of missed that! Bean and Ms. Stout are really popular on all those pet sites!

  5. I saw the gif on LOLcats yesterday and first I just saw Bean on the bed and I was just like "oh it looks like Charlene" and then I saw Ms. Stout and I was SO amazed it actually was them!

  6. I love these clips! Thank you Laurie for the revisit!

  7. I much prefer the original videos and it sure gave me a light note to this week.

    Sweet baby Wylla and so much floofyliciousness with Charlene.



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