Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Loudermilk Updates! Hooray!

Today was the first day in a long time that I didn't have to set an alarm clock. I've been working like crazy on THIS event (the reason for the glitter on Charlene the other day) and FINALLY it's behind me now.

Craig's been working long hours too, and the poor cats have been bored silly. While I was distracted with work, Charlene and Wylla both kept jumping up on the dining room table, something they rarely do, trying to get my attention. Wylla kept looking a me like she was saying "WHY ARE YOU SO BUSY AND WHY AREN'T WE PLAYING???!!!"

We're making up for lost time with the feather wand this morning.

I was happy to see a little update from our Clive and Ralphie Loudermilk land in my email this morning. I always think of their crew at Christmas because of this moment:

And this one, too.


They boys are doing really great and their mom, Pandora, reports that they are very happy cats.   Here are a few current pics of the boys.  I'll have to give a nudge to their brothers' families and see if we can get some updates on them, too.





Thanks for the update, Pandora! Glad to see the boys are doing so well! Please give them some love from all of us!


  1. The look like very happy cats! I love the update, thanks!

  2. What lovely decorations Laurie, people who are creative like that amaze me!!! To be a guest at that party would be a huge treat! Loved to see Ralphie and Clive also, especially the last picture of them together in brotherly love! Hope you can get some rest now that your big party is over!

  3. Thanks for the Bell Ringing Concert. That last picture tells the whole story - love and a good home. Waiting for other Loudermilk updates!

  4. I think of the Loudermilks and their musical inclinations at Christmas, too. It's hard to forget such extreme adorableness. Clive and Ralphie are looking wonderful.

  5. I love, LOVE seeing the pictures each year of your client's Christmas party. Thank you SO much for taking pictures and letting us see your talent. And thank you for passing along the Loudermilk update!

  6. They are absolutely gorgeous! It's so fun to see alumni photos....

  7. Aren't they a couple of handsome big boys!

  8. Lots of angels got their wings that day thanks to the kitties.



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