Friday, October 2, 2015

A Sweet Evie Update!

I'm sure everyone who's been following us for a while remembers a very special kitten named Sweet Evie Kibblesmith.  She was born with an odd bump on the side of her face, which we later learned a dentigerous cyst.  As she grew, the cyst did too, and eventually, it was surgically removed.  The doctor did an amazing job and all went well with the procedure.

Sweet Evie found herself a wonderful home with Jaimie and Ben, and off she went. She now goes by the name "Valeria".

I just received an update on their girl and I was so thrilled to see this beauty once again. I know many of you fell hard for this kitten, so I'm sure you'll be just as happy to see this update.  Here we go!

From Jaimie:
She is now a model!  She is now featured in our nail wrap ad for the cat nail wraps that Espionage sells! And that lady holding her is our Molly, who adopted Midge Von Tussle!

We were wondering why Evie/Valeria wasn’t getting larger and why she never meowed, she always squeaked instead (her nickname is now “squeaks” amongst our household). It turns out that Evie has a little bit of the munchkin breed in her.  Her legs are super short, and though she is full grown now she is only half the size of our other two cats.

What at treat! Thank you so much for sharing this, Jaimie! It's so wonderful to see how well her eye healed and how healthy she looks!  Please give her lots of love from all of us! And if you happen to see Midge, please do the same!


  1. Evie/Valeria (and Molly) both look gorgeous! I love IBKC Alumni updates :) Happy Friday everyone!!

  2. That's awesome! and I love knowing that she's modeling for Espionage! I have those catz nail wraps and others from them! :) I love to hear she's doing well!

  3. She has healed so well! What a beautiful kitty. I love the alumni stories!

  4. Little Evie looks great now, well done. What a gorgeous pair of models too. You must tell me where to get some of those fingerless gloves with eyes please?

  5. A most welcome update. Evie looks fabulous! So many kudos to the surgeon who removed the cyst on her face. Very delicate work, very, very well done.

    I wonder how Midge is doing.



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