Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Goodbye, Sweet Evie!

I met Jaimie a few years ago while doing an interview in our home for a video podcast. She did our makeup, and I enjoyed visiting with her during that day.

She's sweet and kind, so when she emailed to reintroduce herself and tell me that she and her sweetie Ben were looking to expand their kitty family,  I was very happy to hear from her.

I told her about our Kibblesmiths, and she was excited to make a date to meet the girls.

The Kibblesmiths are quite charming and "show well". They're always eager to make friends with anyone who passes through our door, so I was feeling pretty confident that at least one the girls would be claimed that night.

All three were delightful during the visit,  but Sweet Evie was the one that caught their attention first. They loved her cute tabby stripes and squinty eye.  Jaimie scooped her up in her arms, and Evie seemed so at ease.  They got to see her sweet, lovey-dovey side, then Jaimie put her down and they got to see the little firecracker she is, too.   She really is the perfect balance of dear thing and crazy kitten, and it was quickly decided that she was the one.

Craig came into the living room while we were all visiting and I told him that Sweet Evie had been picked.   This came as no surprise to Craig who said "of course, she's the obvious choice".

It was obvious.  They were all in love.


Jaimie emailed and it sounds like things are going well:

The little fighter is doing great! She has already tried to take on both of our other cats!  She is fearless and I adore her for it. We renamed her “Valeria” after a warrior queen in a comic I grew up with. She is so tiny and has so much energy right now that it’s like living with a little squirrel! She likes to do kitten parkour on the bed when we are sleeping. I would be grumpy about it if she wasn’t made of so much joy! 

Thank you so much for adopting our sweet little squirrel, Jaimie and Ben!  You got yourself a very special kitten, and wish you all a long and happy life together!







  1. Awwww,,,,,,such a cutiepatootie - they are so lucky.

  2. It sounds like a perfect match! Congratulations, Jaimie and Ben and Evie. And to you, Craig, Charlene and Wylla for raising such an adorable and fun kitten. I hope we get years of Kibblesmith updates!

  3. I just love adoption stories. Good luck and best wishes in your new life, Evie!

  4. I love to know these notices! My heart is full of grateful!

  5. Sounds like Sweet Evie found the perfect family of humans and kitties alike!!! Now she is Sweet Valeria, Super Squirrel Girl!!!

  6. Aw, yay for her new family and her new name! Love the decription 'made of joy'!

  7. Congrats to Evie/Valeria and her new family. Nothing can describe the feeling when you look to adopt and your cat appears. Mine was Gwen from a shelter, she met us at the door with her bags packed, just needing an exit visa. Best 13 years ever!

  8. oh....thanks for letting us know where these sweet babies go. I'm so glad she has such a wonderful loving family.

  9. What a lovely family Sweet Valeria has joined!
    And the 'gold medal' shot always gets me.

  10. Kitten parkour!! Oh my goodness we are in the phase right now too with our foster kittens. I know I should make them stay in their room overnight...but their little meows just break my heart. "Sigh" love those happy adoption stories.

  11. How absolutely perfect! Enjoy your wonderful family, Valeria! Every happiness to you all!

  12. Oh dear, this is always such a bittersweet time. I’m sure Evie/Valeria is in for the Good Life with her new parents, but those going away photos with the huge yellow tags always get me. Traveling mercies, sweetie.

  13. Aww, sweet story. Such a little cutie she is.

  14. What a wonderful story! Have a great life, sweet Evie!

  15. Yay for Evie! Two older siblings to take on and dominate. She definitely has her work cut out for her. ;D

  16. I read your blog for 2 reasons
    1/ to share your joy
    2/to "steal" your descriptions. i write ad for my humane society cats. After writing 100s of ads, I run out of unique or attention grabbing adjectives. Today, i'm "stealing" "firecracker" and "parkour". Thanks Gail

  17. Hooray for Sweet Evie & her humans! What a dollface. <3

  18. Have a good life with your new family, Evie! Hopefully many happy years lay ahead!



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