Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Meeting the Mittenflosses


The Mittenflosses were released from quarantine yesterday and got to do a little exploring. Normally, kittens are a little intimidated by the big, open space and tend to dash under the furniture and stick close to the walls.  But not Bart and Fielding, nope, they were fearless and did not scamper to the sidelines.

Charlene and Wylla were itching to meet them, and dashed towards the boys once given the opportunity. The video below captures those first moments.  Please listen carefully for Wylla's little  hello trill around the ten second mark.

After giving the boys a few sniffs, Charlene mad a move towards the kitten room in search of kitten food, of course.  The video would have run longer if I didn't have to run and close the door to their room.  Charlene, looking defeated, sauntered back to the living room and took her perch on the back of her favorite chair.

A few minutes later, I put the boys on the ledge near her roost to cheer up the sulking Bean.










The merger of big and small cats was quick and successful!


  1. They are so brave! Or Oblivious, one of the two.

  2. Oh those boys! They are quite adventureous! No fear! And totally adorable!

  3. Charelene and (now) Wylla are so used to meeting the little ones that this is nothing new to them. They are such a pro and the boys are such brave ones.

  4. Hello, beautiful Charlene and Wylla! Hello, adorable Mittenfloss brothers! I am happy to see every-kitty today! :-D

  5. Bart looks so proud in that first pic! I dunno of what, maybe being cute, but still!

    K from MN

  6. I'm curious - is the orange on Bart's nose just left over breakfast or does he have some unique orange coloring on his face?

  7. Charlene says "Wylla, you distract Mom with the kittens, while I casually saunter over in the direction of the yummy-noms room..."

  8. Two Mittenflosses are a great remedy for the sulks! What a wonderful meeting story!

  9. Your two girls are just the sweetest things! How adorable they are with the fosters! Everyone is just a new friend, so sweet!

  10. I'm crest-fallen. Bean SULKS? Say it isn't so. Charlene!

  11. I see some remains of breakfast by your whiskers in the first picture, Bart! Still working on that whole "it doesn't need to be eaten in 1.2 seconds" thing? Don't worry, you'll remember soon and eat slower and come away cleaner. Fielding, you continue to slay me extra hard with your grey floofy cuteness. Love your jade green eyes, which go so well with your fur. You definitely know how to accessorize, handsome.

    Yay for fearless kittens! I'm looking forward to pictures of Bathtime with Bean and Wylla, and lots of kitten-y antics as they play hard, nap hard, and show off how darn cute they are all the time.



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