Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bean: Belly-up on the Bed

How's Bean doing? Our girl is doing great! She's happy, she's relaxed.  She's glad that all of the summer heat is (hopefully) behind us!  She tends to retreat when temperatures rise and will nap in dark spots, deep inside closets, and under things. It's good to see more of her again!

It's especially good when we get to see her belly.  Bean has the best belly floof.




Today marks the end of quarantine for our Mittenflosses, so soon they'll be romping about the house and mingling with the big cats. DMH Tabby boys are her absolute favorite kitten flavor, so I know Charlene will be thrilled to meet dear Bart.  I'm guessing that many baths are in his future!  I'm sure she'll love dear Fielding, too. He looks equally delicious! Those kitten cheeks!


We slipped out of town for the weekend, and while we were away, the kittens had a growth spurt.  They looked huge when we returned and the scale confirmed they did grow.  Each gained four ounces!  Their little bellies are nice and plump and their legs are looking much longer.

Way to grow, kittens. Way to grow!


  1. Yes, it's good to see Charlene, especially her floofy belly! She looks so relaxed! And I can't wait to see what she thinks of the Mittenflosses! They are an exceptional pair, without a doubt! :-)

  2. Beanie, Reilly in CT wants to compare belly floofs and toe tuffs with you. He also sleeps on his back with all four paws in the air. Being a Maine Coon - there is lots of belly and lots of fur.

  3. Oh Sam I so want to meet Reilly he sounds a lovely cat.

    Beanie you like people stroking your belly fur? because I am sure that you will have a big queue round the block at your house to do so!!!

  4. Hello, dear Charlene Butterbean! I am joining the queue to give you a tummy rub! And hello, sweet Fielding!

    1. Rub at your own risk! Bean's belly is very "Look but Don't Touch".

  5. What does DMH mean?

    <3, K from MN

  6. I wonder if Charlene's belly up is an invitation to touch? Or is it a trap complete with sharp pointy things?

  7. The Queen Charlene Butterbean is so gorgeous I just love looking at her, wow will she be happy when the itty bitty kittehs can get close to her and get some attention actually more attention..Good you got away, those little itty bitty kittehs are growing big each day, so sweet..Made my first day of September so dadblasted happy and of course I would never forget Princess Wylla Stout, I hope she is enjoying herself tooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. She does have a beautiful belly. When my long-haired boys go belly-up, it's a chance to see where they need help grooming. Charlene looks like she's got it all covered!

  9. Looking forward to seeing the girls fussing over the boys!

  10. Bean's a terrible tease, showing off that fabulous belly floof but never letting anyone pet it.

    Whoa, four ounces in two days? That's, like, a small can of gooshyfood each! They're going to be getting their trouble nuggets snipped and heading out before we realize it! They have to stop growing so fast. What to do? *thinkthinkthink* I got it! Laurie, stop feeding them. That should do it. They'll stop growing, they'll stick around longer, and then we can enjoy pictures of their adorableness longer. *nods happily* Seriously, it's incredible how fast kittens grow. Furever Mommy's going to be hugging them soon at this rate!



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