Monday, July 27, 2015

Walking the Walk!

If your ears were burning Saturday morning, it was because we were talking about you and how fabulous you are.  Everyone was pretty impressed with this community of ours and all that money we raised together! Shelter staff was absolutely GIDDY about it. I still am too, and kind of can't believe that given the number of days we had to make it happen, we hit that goal and then some!

We still have some money trickling in too, and a small auction that will start today. Also, I usually put up a button so you can donate via Paypal, which some of you prefer, but I totally forgot to do that earlier.  I just put it up this morning and it will be up there for a couple of days, if you would like to make a donation this way.  When you make a donation through Paypal, it won't be reflected in the Firstgivng total, but it will counted when I tally everything up.

The weather was slightly overcast and not too hot, which was pretty perfect weather for the event. The turnout was great. There were thousands of humans and dogs, and two cats.

Wylla got a little fussy in the car on the way to the park, which made worry that she would do the same at Dog-A-Thon, but really, she did really great.

When we first got there, we got out of the car and gave her a moment to soak it all in before entering Dog Central.


We walked around with Wylla riding on Craig's shoulders, and checked out the vendors first. Wylla remained calm as we navigated through the sea of dogs. We heard "Is that a cat?" many, many times.

This cute little guy stopped to take her photo.



 We stopped at the Pet Doctor's booth and Wylla charmed the staff. They were trimming nails and collecting donations for the shelter, so we took advantage of this.  They were impressed with how calm she was - I was too! There she was in a booth in the middle of all this madness, with giant dogs just a few feet away,  getting her nails trimmed by strangers.  That cat is unflappable!


We stopped by the Northwest Spay and Neuter Center booth to say hello to our friends Cora and Ninja Bob.

Bob was too busy to say hello.


But when we stopped by later,  he was available for his fans.


He had just finished winning the costume contest and wanted everyone to see his medal.  We didn't want to burst his bubble, but he WAS the only cat that entered.  He dressed as a shark.


Cora had made some cute cat crafts and was selling them to raise funds for the center.


I love her kitty cozies!


We walked with a pretty large group this year. We were joined by several staff members, volunteers, friends, and the IBKC FUNdraising team.  I think there were at least a dozen in our pack.


Blixa joined us again this year with her humans, Jim and Shana.


And Zelda (Zoubi) Lamm's mom and dad joined us too!  Here's mama Lynn carrying Wylla.  She LOVES Wylla and gets so happy she gets teary when she has a chance  to hold her.  Wylla is always comfortable in her arms.




And of course there were dogs of all shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and breeds  on the walk.



We stayed for a few hours, and when Wylla was ready to go, we left.

 "I have had my fill of dogs for the day, let's move on."


We walked proud because of you!  Thank you for contributing to this special day!

I'll be back to let you know when our last little auction goes up today.  Tomorrow, I'll be revealing our totals, giving away prizes and sharing a big, gushing thank you note to you and some very special people.  


  1. *sniff* I get teary even looking at a picture of me with that wonderful kitty!! She was SO relaxed- like a big, furry spaghetti noodle. So much fun to do the Dog-A-Thon!!! Wylla is a celebrity. Thank you, Laurie and Craig, for such a fun morning.

  2. Love Ninja Bob! But Wylla's "stare of deadly boredom" in the last shot is priceless! And it is good to put a face to Lynn's name - lucky lady getting to carry Wylla!

  3. Looks like a great day for all!
    I think we need some comparison of "wee" Wylla on Craig's shoulder at the walk over the past couple dog-a-thons. She looks so wonderfully healthy perched up there this year!
    Congrats to all!!!

    1. I agree! Please do this!

    2. I was thinking the same thing. She's got to be double the size she was last year!

    3. Lisa (mom of Chai, Sophie and Acacia)July 27, 2015 at 1:05 PM

      I can't get over what a "grown-up" girl she looks like now! :-)

  4. Hah! I thought Bob's medal meant he'd won the costume contest by dressing as a CAT.

    1. Same here! The best costume as "cat" not the best costume, cat division. I am going to keep thinking this.
      --Emily B

    2. That was my thought..."That's a terrific cat costume".

  5. What a fun day! Blixa, Jim & I thank you immensely for the invitation to join you.
    As I write, Blixa is once again prancing around the yard in her pink tutu. :)

  6. Miss Wylla! What a fluffy, beautiful, and sweet girl you are! I smiled when I read the comments about how much you have grown from previous Dog-a-Thon walks! A great day! xo xo xo xo (some for Charlene too, please)

  7. Wow! so amazing. Congratulations, Laurie and your whole team!

    I saw the photos of Ninja Bob. His little tail got me wondering if there was a story behind it. So I googled him and found his whole story. What a fantastic story! and thanks to the organization that adopted him. What a beautiful, lucky boy!

    Buddy, Tiger and Mr. Mistofelees' Mom

  8. Laurie, a lot of the success is not because of those that read your blog, but because of the .. what do you call someone who writes a blog?.. blogess? :) At any rate, a few pats on the back belong to you as well, for coordinating the whole durn thing, for your love of cats that makes you do what you do, and how you do it so well. As my dear ol' Dad used to say, we're not dealin' with Muckle the Plumber here!

  9. Lovely post - made my day. Cute Wylla... being her usual calm self. She is an awesome cat. But I really fell in love with Bob - he's got the cutest tail! :D <3

  10. I love Lynn's hair! It's such a pretty shade of red and goes perfectly with Wylla's peachy sweetness.

  11. NINJA BOB!!!

    sorry for yelling, it's just I forget every year how much I love that little man.



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