Monday, July 20, 2015

Tour the Teeny Tiny Set!

The building of the telethon set is something I think about all year. .  About six weeks before I kick the fundraiser off,  I finalize the color palette, start picking out the fabrics and papers, making and sourcing the props, and constructing the set.  It usually takes two to three full weeks to make everything.  I'll spend some time taking some test photos to see how it works with the big cats and kittens, and make then make final adjustments.

It's a tremendous amount of fun for me, and it's something I really look forward to each year.  I love small things, kittens and crafting, and this project brings all of my favorite worlds together.

Every year the set gets a little fancier and a little more detailed. You can see the evolution of the sets by visiting this post.

This year's set design has kind of a mid-century Palm Springs vibe to it. The color palette was inspired by Charlene and Wylla - it brings out the blues in Bean's eyes and the pinky-peaches compliment the tones of Wylla's floof.   The carpet is "fun fur" and the wallpaper is a lattice pattern screen-printed in gold on aqua blue rag paper. The "area rug" in front of the couch is just a swatch of upholstery fabric.


I constructed a tiny cat tower out of cardboard, felt, and styrofoam and added a few sparkles.  We often make aesthetic sacrifices and bring pieces of not-so-attractive cat furniture into our homes to make our kitties happy, so I thought I should add one to this year's set.

The desk is all gold and gem-covered. A pair of miniature "Ghost Chairs" sit behind the desk. I didn't make those - they were an Ebay find.

On the desk:  tiny phones, a typewriter and itty-bitty coffee mugs - everything our phone crew needs.



On those mugs, it's a wee shout-out to Marc Maron, a podcaster/comedian/cat wrangler whose work I love and respect.


Above the desk hang tiny paper lanterns. The smallest ones are only a half-inch in diameter!  Had I known we would be getting such a squirrelly bunch of phone bank volunteers,  I would have hung them higher. They are within paw's reach, and I have had to rehang them more times than I can count.


In case you didn't know, we're the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee.


Here we have a fancy and bedazzled "IBKC".  The pattern of the wall behind the letters remind me of the breeze blocks often used in Palm Spring architecture.


I made the tiny couch for last year's set and thought for sure, because it was white, I would have to reupholster it. Fortunately, it survived last year's drive and I was able to use it again.

Behind the couch hangs a cluster of photos of some of the itty bitty kitties we've fostered over the years, and of course, our permanent residents, too.


On the end tables, another tiny phone and issues of "Vanity Fur", "Pretty Kitty" and "The Tabby Tattler" magazines.  These kitten-sized magazines measure two inches high. We'll be auctioning off these itty bitty magazines off later this week as part of the FUNdraisier.  


Here's a look at all the covers. I can't even begin to tell you the ridiculous amount of joy I had making these. I had the idea a little too late for the fundraiser, but soon I'll be making these into cards to sell.




So that's it, friends. I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I enjoyed making the set!


If you would like to support the fundraiser this set was built for, and help the homeless cats and kittens out, please visit our FUNdraising page  Thank you!


  1. I've always loved miniatures, and the combo of these detailed items with kittens makes it hard to to squeeee at work when I see it!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the magazines! Jimmy Tipton tells all! I LOL'ed!!! :-)

  3. Elphaba would like to subscribe to the Tabby Tattler!
    Beautiful set this year Laurie, then again, they've all been great!

  4. Laurie- that is so spectacular. I love all the tiny things but I am really liking those chairs!

  5. It's just amazing how creative you are Laurie!! Each year the set gets a little better. I love the kitty magazines, the titles for the articles cracked me up!! Your joy and love of all things Kitty comes through loud and clear!

  6. That set is absolutely incredible! The magazine covers crack me up, and the kitty coffee mugs are adorable. Thanks for the tour!

  7. Can you let us know the overall size of the sets? I've been way off-base with my estimates, if the magazines are 2 inches! These are not doll house miniatures, I'm guessing?

    1. No, they're not dollhouse scale - larger than that. The set is 20" high. Each of the three panels is 20" x 30".

  8. All of it is fantastic, but I'm also partial to the miniature Ghost chairs!

  9. Adorable! Beautiful work as always and I'm looking forward to purchasing those cards.

  10. Do you ever consider auction/sell off these beautiful set at the end of fundraiser? Since we get to spend a significant time looking at these beautiful set every year, I sometimes wondered if my furry ball get to own one of the "luxury" retro pieces. I have no crafting talent, but those pieces all look so pretty and fun to own.

  11. The teeny cat tree was my favorite thing, until I read the magazine covers. They're all gorgeous, and hilarious!

    Oh, and LG would like to subscribe to the Tabby Tattler as well. In fact, he said he has a few tales to tell. (What's up with that?)

  12. Who is that mysterious tuxie on set?

  13. The magazines!!! "Why Some Cats Don't Bury Their Poop"--I'm over here crying with laughter.



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