Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Evolution of the Set

Over the years we've been FUNdraising together,  our sets have evolved.  Each year, they're a little larger,  a little more complicated, and now,  more sparkly.

Our first fundraiser started with a modest table and few phones.  The Darlings took the very first calls.

Phone bank volunteers - IBKC fundraiser

But before the fundraiser was over, things got a little fancy and we added a stage and a tote board.


IBKC Fundraiser

The Darlings finished up their shift, and the Fortunatos took over.


Next year, things got bigger.  We added a curtain and a little more decor on the walls, including a photo gallery of IBKC alumni.

Live from the IBKC fundraiser

The Anderson-Ericksons had a short shift on the phones, then the Suprenants Sisters moved in.


These girls look quite innocent, but you may recall they are capable of doing serious damage.


This cute little duck made a cameo during the 2010 fundraiser.  If you weren't following us then, I'm sure you're wondering what's with the duck?   Click HERE and HERE for the full story.


Things got even fancier in 2011.  A garland of paper flags and tiny sparkle balls were draped across the set.   The table was skirted,  international clocks and an expanded photo gallery were added to the walls.

The Dearborns took the first shift on the phones.

It's Fundraising TIme!

And a very tiny kitten named "Kisses" made an appearance.

You can read all about Kisses HERE.


The Dearborns did a great job, and brought in squillions during their stay.


To finish off the 2011 fundraiser, the Batsels took over.


For year four, the set expanded, and it was fanciest and flashiest to date.  I crafted the tiny couch to accommodate a couple of kittens.  Large photos of alumni framed in gold  hung in front of a shimmery tulle curtain and it's fringed valance.    A tiny typewriter was added to the desk.


The set was large enough for one giant Bean or all five of the Gibson Kittens.


Year five, the entire set was designed to match Wylla.  She was our only kitten at the time, and the carpet on the set was the exact same color as her nose.  The couch from the previous year was reupholstered in a fluffy fake fur to coordinate with the new design.  There was lots of glitter and gold.
We had a few guests during the season (a few shelter kittens and some IBKC alumni) to help answer the phones, too.



This year, we got pretty glittery!  The set is even big and better!  A new couch was crafted with mid-century vibe.  The set is even groovier and sparklier than ever!





I'm hoping some real magic will happen on the set this year.   Our goal is high, but we have 24 days to complete it, and I think with our little Kibblesmiths, Wylla, Bean, and our awesomely supportive IBKC community,  we can make it happen together!

We've got a big $2000 match on the table right now, and we've barely put a dent in it today - there's still $1700 to go to reach it!

But don't worry, we've got time! With six hours left to meet it, it ends at 7:00 PM pacific time, it's 100% doable!

SO please, if you're in a position to give, pay a visit to our  FUNdraising page to make a tax-deductible donation.  

And while you're there, take a look at all those comments.    It's sweet to read the names of all the lovely folks who donated, the reasons they why they've  donated, and the cats, kittens, and humans that they are donating in honor or memory of.

Thank you everyone for the support and love.  And thank you for lending your ears.  I know this is a long month, and my requests for donations might grow tiresome.   I do appreciate you hanging on!


  1. Wow! Looking at how it changed over the years emphasizes how skilled you are as a crafter. I really like the swirls on the IBKC wall. I'd love to have a room in my house like that.

  2. I read through this whole post with a big smile on my face. Such great memories, such adorable kittens, such creativity by Laurie...

    1. Thanks, Teughcts. I look forward to building a new set each year.

  3. wow you are so talented and so amazing. and is that wylla and charlene kitten pictures included in the alums!!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Wylla is in there, but not Charlene.

  4. KISSES!!! oh my, so many talented kittens have worked these phones!

  5. Love this post and all the sets. I have to say I miss the coffee cup!

    1. I miss it too, I have no idea where it went.

    2. A kitten stole it for sure! :)

  6. I wonder whatever happened to Kisses?

  7. i love the matchy-matchy of Wylla's set! this year's set is gorgeous!

  8. WARREN!!! Still my most favorite IBKC kitten ever. That sweet, slightly bewildered-looking face of his. And this is the pic I think captures it best. Better shutup before our 3 cats hear me, LOL!

  9. I was wondering what you do with these sets at the end of each fundraiser? Wouldn't it be fun to hold an auction for the sets if you are going to make a new one each year anyways, and the proceeds can go towards the event?

    1. Some parts get reworked and used in the follow year's set. Some things I keep.



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