Friday, July 24, 2015

The Last Match! The Final Five!


 OK, my friends! This is it! Our very last match is on the table - and it's a awesome and huge $5000 match from our dear friend Cynthia.  You know how this works - for every dollar we give, she will do the same. And once we meet this match and we throw the money in the kitty, we will roll past our goal!  The challenge ends at  5:00 PM Pacific Time.

I can hardly wait to see it happen, and I hope you feel exactly the same way, and donate soon, so it happens sooner rather than later today.

And don't forget:

If you missed out on the opportunity to give on those "designated donation days" and help fund a passion or favorite project of yours, today, you can earmark your donation for a fund of your choice.

When you make your donation on the Firsgiving page, you'll see a field to leave a comment. In that field, designate where you would like to see that donation go - you can pick from any of these projects or programs:

The Senior Cats, The Special Needs Cats, The Foster Program, The Kitty Meals-on-Wheels/Emergency Pet Food bank, The Ringworm Room or The Barn Cat/ Backyard Buddy program.

And if you donate during our matching donation challenge, your donation will be doubled!

If you don't have a preference in where the money should go, that's fine. We'll let the shelter decide, and they can put it to good use.

Please take a moment to take advantage of this match and make a tax-deductible donation on our Firstgiving page.  We've got until 5:00 PM (Pacific Time) to make it happen!

 $125,000!! HERE WE COME!!!!

Thank you to all the generous, huge-hearted, kitty-loving community members who have made this FUNdraiser so great. Especially dear Cynthia, who offered up this wonderful challenge today (and all those other days, too).

1 comment:

  1. This is amazing. You are amazing.

    I just wish they'd name that darn event the Dog-and-Cat-athon!



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