Friday, July 24, 2015

A Zelda (Zoubi) Lamm Update

Lynn, mother to Zelda (now knows as Zoubi),  is always so great about staying in touch and keeping us updated on her girl, and she sent over a lovely batch of photos for me to share with you today.

Zoubi was a pretty adorable baby. Here she is on the day we met her.


And here she is today!

She certainly has grown to be quite a stunning young lady!

Here's what Lynn had to say:

It was hard to find some pictures of her without India- and the only one I put with her with India was one where she is washing India’s face. Zoubi is very attentive to India’s face and very tuned in to India in general. Yes, she still imitates India. They are inseparable and pretty funny and very kind to one another.

 Zoubi has finally gotten a real “cat shape”- the long willowy legs are now looking more filled out, and she took this past year to gain some weight! She has become a very social cat, and she doesn’t leave my side unless India’s chirps lure her away. She is a great kitty and we don’t know what we’d do without her!

If you talk to Lynn or Alex about Zoubi, they gush about their girl. It's pretty sweet how much they love Zoubi, and India, too, of course! They are both lucky kittens to have such loving parents. And the parents are pretty lucky having two such dear kitties to love!

Lynn and Alex will be joining us to walk at Dog-A-Thon tomorrow and we look forward to seeing them both.   Lynn always helps carry Wylla, and this year, we're really going to need the help. Now that Wylla weighs 9 pounds, she's a lot more kitten to carry, and it gets a little exhausting. I think we'll all have to take turns.

Don't forget,  Zoubi and her family have offered up a matching donation challenge  for us this morning and will be doubling our donations until we reach their generous $1500 cap!  The match runs until 10:30 AM (Pacific Time).

Thank you so much for your generosity, Lynn, Alex and Zoubi. We appreciate this challenge and also the many donations you made during the FUNdrasier.  Thank you for the sweet update, too! It's very nice seeing your lovely girl again!


  1. Goodness, she is one beautiful lady cat.

  2. OMG, she's GORGEOUS! I love that coloring.

  3. Just when I didn't think Zoubi could get any cuter as a kitten, she sprouts into such a breathtaking adult kitty!

    I also love their taste in kitty names. I may have to use "India" for my next kitty. :)

  4. Wow, what a beautiful cat!! Zoubi has a piercing gaze indeed! I love to see how sweet the sisters are together, India is a pretty girl too! I love IBKC alumni updates.

  5. I LOVE when your kittens send in their adult faces! Zoubl is lovely, thanks to Lynn for sharing! And Good luck carrying Miss Wylla....perhaps an chance to carry Wylla could be auctioned off?

  6. What a gorgeous lady cat she grew up to be!

  7. She's like a less floofy version of Bean! Her coloring is almost spot on to Bean's. Adorable!!



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