Thursday, July 16, 2015

The First of the First Names!


  Cynthia: So, what’s she like? Is she bossy, impulsive, shy, retiring, mischievous, fiery, sweet? 

Laurie: Well, she has her crazy moments. But when she’s in a quiet state, she’s very sweet. She loves to be held close and though her purr is quiet, it is steady. She’s always very present and alert. Can’t wait to hear what you pick! Thanks for the high bid! 

Cynthia: I’m torn. I was thinking of “Henrietta C. Hollis”, or “Harriet C. Hollis”. If she were Henrietta, she must be called “Hankie”, you know, for short. If she were Harriet, she must be called “Hattie”. The “C” would stand for “Claremont”, where the actual Hollis lives.

 Do you think she’s more of a Henrietta or more of a Harriet? I think she’s more of a Henrietta from your description. She’s not always nuts, and she’s sweet and steady. I’d think a Harriet might be a little too powerful a name for this baby. 

“Henrietta (Hankie) C. Hollis”, please. 

 Laurie: Perfect! And what a lovely monogram that will be on her bath towels! Thank you!

Well, there you have it - Henrietta (Hankie) C. Hollis.  I LOVE it. And it's so nice to put a name to that sweet face! Thank you, Cynthia, for the generous bid and the awesome selection!

Another auction just went live! You can bid on the rights to name our little tabby and white girl!


The auction will end at 10:00 AM Pacific Time tomorrow. To jump in and bid, please click HERE!


  1. In years to come, people will say "that Hollis litter was SO interestingly named!". Alex said "do you know how HARD it is to find a name that goes with Hollis?' I just KNEW someone would get VERY creative. Well done, Cynthia! I am still smiling.

  2. One of our tabby girls is named Henrietta! We call her "Hennie". Wonderful choice for a sweet kitten.

  3. Cynthia is so adorable I can't even stand it! Hankie C. Hollis is purrfect! :)



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