Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Cutest Tabby Patches

When these kittens first arrived and I took a close look at this little one, I couldn't quite tell if all her  spots and dots were actually her, or if they were just bits of breakfast and kitten grime.  After a little wipe-down, I think what now remains is all natural.

She's adorable from head to toe, but I think what I love best about this wee girl are her spotted and striped tabby patches.  

For those keeping score: three girls so far, all tabbies.  I've got one more kitten for you to meet tomorrow. Any guesses on the coloring, coat length and sex?





We had an amazingly successful Senior Cat day which brought in over $12,000 for these special creatures. Well done, IBKC community!  

Weekends are always a little quiet around here, but we really need to keep this FUNdrasier moving ahead because we're trying to make our big goal in half the normal time.

Please consider making a donation today to help us reach our goal and help the homeless cats and kittens.

Please pop on over to our FUNdraising page when you have a moment and give what's comfortable - every single dollar helps! Even if you're just donating enough to cover a cat of cat food - you're feeding a homeless kitty for a day, and you're making a difference in the life of that cat.

Thank you!!  


  1. Oh, this little family is adorable! I love tabbies!

  2. I'll guess orange boy, just because.
    She is adorable, she's pretty close to Tressa Lovejoy in the beauty department!

  3. So cute! She even has a spot on her wee nose.

    I'm going to guess the fourth kitten is a long haired tabby boy- that's Bean's favorite, right?

  4. There's a lot of character in that wee face! Are those torbie patches? I can't tell if they have blotches of brown or orange on my screen. (Either way -- pretty adorable.)

  5. Being a sucker for calicos- she is rather amazingly marked. She looks like one of the other kittens rode a dirt bike on her fur- tire tracks! And they are lined up so evenly. She will be a very impressively marked cat.

    1. Best kind of 'tire tracks'...she is a fierce one

  6. She is so sweet I just want to kiss those tiny little toes!

  7. Male, Blue Tuxie, medium length fur?

  8. I'm guessing there are more grey tabbies- either fully grey or, like this one with patches. That, or possibly a calico

  9. I'm guessing one more adorable grey tabby- fully grey tabby or with patches. That, or a calico. Whatever he/she looks like, I'm Shute they're just as adorable as the others (who are the CUTEST!)



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