Tuesday, November 4, 2014

In the Thick of It

I'm trying hard not to miss a post, but this is one rough week. I come out of floral retirement each November to make the arrangements for a gigantic party my client hosts each year, and the event is this week.

I've got thousands and thousands of flowers in my basement and I'm working feverishly to get them all in their vases.  This is why I've had to put off getting kittens.  I can't imagine, in all this madness, having wee ones to worry about and care for.

Thank you for your patience.

Now before I get back to work, I'll share the prettiest things in my house.  Wylla and Charlene.






  1. They both complement the flowers so well! If only all table centrepieces could come complete with matching kitties.

  2. Wow! The flower arrangements are gorgeous! As are Wylla and Bean!

  3. So colour coordinated! It's as though you had Charlene and Wylla on your mind the whole time!

  4. Not to worry! If we could wait a year while you got that nasty disease out of your house and nursed Wylla to full lady-cat status, we can wait a few weeks for kittens. :-D Wylla and the Bean are priitttyy good substitutes in the meantime!

  5. Beautiful flowers and beautiful helpers!

  6. Wylla's ear floof is just stupendous!!!!!!!

  7. The amount of work you put into raising each batch of kittens is mind-boggling; you've earned a bit of time off, especially after a big litter. Plus it's always fun to see your *gorgeous* arrangements each year at this time -- what a lucky client, to have you decorating for them! The girls both look stunning, of course, next to the equally stunning flowers. Their natural beauty helps, I'm sure. :-)

    1. You said it!
      I also enjoy seeing the November festivity come together with Charlene & Wylla acting as furry Carol Merrill. (OK, I just dated myself)

  8. Lovely girls with lovely flowers. Being a costume designer at a local H.S. and working at a printing company, this week sucks.
    Elections today and the show opens on Thursday. You have my condolences on the work load.

  9. Oh yeah... The flowers are VERY pretty but the cats... The cats are EXTRAORDINARILY and EXQUISITELY BEAUTIFUL.


  10. Hello, beautiful Charlene and Wylla! You look very gorgeous with your mum's stunning floral work!

  11. Lisa (mom of Chai)November 4, 2014 at 2:56 PM

    We understand!
    Plus, there is something magical about Miss Butterbean and flowers together...all your pictures of her and flowers over the years have been breathtaking. Her coloring is such a good contrast to the bright rainbow flowers come in. :-)

  12. Just lovely, flowers and kitties alike! Can't wait to see the pictures of this year's event...Laurie you are so talented!!!

  13. Three of the prettiest things I've seen all day. :)
    Rae in Reno

  14. Looks like they were good little helpers :)

  15. I love the color palette in your flowers! It goes with kitties well. :)

  16. Such beauty--kitties and flowers alike. You are so talented, Laurie (and Charlene and Wylla, of course).



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