Friday, October 3, 2014

The Ettes Have Left!






Within seconds of Linda's arrival, Cosette and Claudette crawled from the couch cushion onto her lap and fell asleep.  Literally seconds.   So I asked Linda, "Well, do you love them yet?"

And yes was the answer.  

It was that easy. 




Linda retired recently. She's an empty-nester,  a quilter, a stay-at-homer, and she and her husband have lots of love to give to this fabulous pair. They live on a green belt, so these indoor-only kittens will have plenty of bunnies, birdies, and other critters to watch through the windows.  

Linda's friend Mary was the one who sent her our way.  In honor of their adoption, Mary went to the pet store to buy a felt cat cave for the Ettes, just like the one we have.   In line ahead of Mary was Midge Von Tussle and Molly, her mom!   Midge and Molly were there doing exactly the same thing Mary was - picking out a cat cave!   Small world!!  And lucky kittens!!    


I've had a few emails recently from Linda, and the girls are doing really great!

Here's a bit from the latest:

 We love these two so much. They are settling in quite well. They come running to us now for a little snuggle then off on another adventure of tail chasing, ball or fuzzy mouse attacks. Then when they are tired, they cuddle up into a laps or on to the back of the couch on the fuzzy blanket kept there.


 So there we have it. That's the last of the adoption stories.  All six Von Tussles are nestled into their fabulous new homes.  It is SO quiet without them around, but we're very happy they've moved on and are bringing joy to their new families. We miss them, and I know you will miss them too.  It does seem as though you grew especially attached to this set.

Thank you, wonderful families, for adopting these babies!  Enjoy your Von Tussles, and do report back from time to time.  We'll all curious to see how this litter grows up!  

Happy trails, Von Tussles.   It's been a pleasure.  



  1. The Von Tussles' exit has left a little hole in my heart. But I am so happy for them all!

  2. So funny about the cat caves! Congratulations to Cosette, Claudette, Linda, and her husband on their new life together!

    And I love Claudette's tongue tip peeking out in the fifth picture.

  3. Aww, what a couple of cuties! So nice that they'll be together in their new home. Congrats to them and to their new family. The Von Tussles were fun to follow while they were "here."

  4. Lucky Linda and her husband, to adopt all this delightfully adorable floof! I have loved Cosette since her first "rumpled" picture, and Claudette is the cutest floofy tortie ever. I do hope we'll get updates on all the Von Tussles as they grow up; they are one of the cutest litters ever!

  5. They had me at "quilting". My aunt makes quilts and my cats love it. I see a lot of napping on quilting materials and quilting projects in their future. :)

  6. omgoodness how I love The Ettes <3

  7. That last pic...Bean is "I have my house again!"

  8. so happy to hear how all the Von Tussles have found wonderful homes! for each kitten picture and going away story I think "oh this is my favorite", so yes, I will miss this whole sweet litter. thank you for fostering them and taking us on the journey also. best of luck in your new life kittens!


  9. That tongue sticking out just killed me dead!

  10. I will miss the Von Tussles but am happy they have found forever homes. Sweet little babies.

  11. From one "ette" (Nanette) to another, best wishes Cosette and Claudette for a wonderful life.

  12. Lots of birds and squirrels to watch outside AND a kitty cave for hiding inside? On top of lots of love and rooms to gallop through and backs of couches and laps to curl up on when they need to recharge their batteries? It's a purfect furever home for two silly kitten sisters! Yay Cosette and Claudette!

  13. The Ettes have their family firmly under their paws!

  14. I love that Claudette and Cosette went to the same home. They seem to really enjoy teasing and tussling with each other.

  15. How sweet for the Ette's :) They found the perfect family, as an empty nester who wishes I could retire - I can honestly say my kitties are the grand-kids I don't have (yet). I'm so glad Linda and hubby found the places in their hearts for Cosette and Claudette!

  16. What a lovely litter. I was particularly fond of this two (they were all so adorable though) and am happy to hear that they have such a lovely home. I'll miss those Von Tussles!

  17. I sure hope that Linda has a good vacuum.. those two little fuzzballs will surely be making lots of fur deposits. :) Have a good life little fuzzballs, we will miss you!

  18. Oh little darlings, I’m so very happy for you and your new parents. I’ll miss you, miss reading about your antics and seeing photos of you at your goofiest, but I know it’s time for you to move on.

    An additional thought: Laurie ought to get a commission on the sale of the felted kitty pods. As a result of seeing them at Chez Charlene, we have two here at our home. :))

  19. The picture of Miss Charlene Butterbean surely says it all, she looks so regal and lovely..Thank you for making sure itty bitty kitties get the chances they deserve to be loved and wanted in forever homes, you are a saint on this earth in my opinion..Your two sweet gals, Miss Charlene Butterbean and Miss Wylla Stout are so dadblasted cute and regal it is something else, have a wonderful next week and ciao!X()



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