Thursday, October 2, 2014

Malcolm and Greta's Goodbye




My friend Sarah had paid a few visits to our Von Tussles and was quite smitten with little Malcolm.  She was especially fond of his giant paws.


I would text her images of the dear boy from time to time, not because I was trying to encourage her to adopt him, she has a houseful already, but just because I knew she really liked the little guy.

During a haircut appointment,  Sarah was talking with her stylist Carrie, and Carrie shared how she and partner Billy had recently lost their cat Smokey to cancer.  He was a young cat, they loved him dearly, and his sudden passing truly broke their hearts.  Their home was feeling so empty without  him.

Sarah pulled out her phone and showed Carrie a photo of Malcolm that I had recently texted her, and told her all about the Von Tussle litter and the IBKC.   Shortly afterwards, Carrie sent me a message.  We made arrangements for a meet and greet, she came for a visit, and Carrie picked Malcolm and Greta.




In the brief time I spent with Carrie and Billy during their kitten visits and the adoption,  I could clearly see they do have lots of love to give,  and I'm so happy they adopted this pair.

Here's Greta feeling all comfy in Billy's arms.


Shortly after the adoption, Carrie posted this sweet message on Facebook:

I'm sure people will get sick of my cute kitten pics, but I can't help it! I don't do well in a home without critters and neither does Billy - they feed our souls.  Even though we both are still sad about losing our friend Smokey in August, these two are so stinkin' sweet, and I can't wait to get home to see them. The house feels like a home again.




We're so happy for Malcom, Greta, Carrie and Billy, and wish them a long, wonderful life together!

We're thrilled your house feels like home again!  


  1. I am so happy for everyone too! And PLEASE ask Carrie and Billy to send updated pictures of these two. Those ginormous Malcolm paws caught my eye too! I am curious to see how big that boy actually gets!

  2. Oh yeah! And I love little Greta's expressive face! As a matter of fact, ALL the Von Tussle's are expressive! A cute bunch! All of them!

  3. Stop it, you're killing me... so happy for this new family, Jo x

  4. Congrats to Carrie and Billy! Malcolm and Greta are my two favorite Von Tussles so I'm so jealous but so happy they've found a great home.

  5. Such sweet babies, this story brings tears to my eyes. Now I can't wait to get home to cuddle my kitty babies too. It sounds like this family will live happily ever after!

  6. Malcolm is going to be a Big Kitty!

  7. Malcolm is gonna be a BIG boy - Maine Coon style, I think!
    Adore those bear paws of his. I am so glad Carrie & Billy adopted Greta and Malcolm. I know that horrible empty house feeling all to well. But Miss Sprite & Reilly took that feeling away.

  8. I really like the way that Carrie put it - our animals "feed our souls". That's how I feel about all the kitties in my life too! They are like my family. Love the pictures and story, best of luck to Malcolm and Greta and their new family :)

  9. "House feels like a home again" -- made me tear up -- in a GREAT way!
    Patti in KY

  10. I can't get enough of these happy furever home stories! Sorry to hear about the loss of Smokey, but I hope that Malcolm and Greta help take away some of the pain.

  11. I know where Carrie and Billy are coming from. When I moved into my townhome it felt so empty. My apartment didn't allow cats which helped me cope. But that first month adjusting to having a house was tough without a pair of furballs around to make it a home. When I could I adopted a pair of adult cats who needed a second chance.

    I'm very happy for Carrie and Billy as well as Malcom and Greta. Greta already seems like Daddy's Little Girl.

  12. There are ninja's cutting onions around my desk at work <3

  13. That pic of Greta and Malcolm together with their little gold tags on is KILLLING me. So glad for everyone and I hope they can update us!

  14. Such a lovely story--those babies are going to have such a lovely life. And I would also love to see how much young Malcolm grows!

    1. Seconded. I'd love to see pictures of Malcom as he continues to embiggen. I used to watch the webcam that Foster Dad John of Purrfect Pals has up, and Ash, one of the kittens he fostered, grew up to be HUGE. 0_o One of his nicknames is Ashzilla.

  15. My screen got all blurry when I was reading this. Sweet, sweet story. Now I have to go hug and kiss LG. Later.

    p.s. I see your tummy, Greta!

  16. So happy for kitten therapy and healing hearts! When we lost one of our boys a year ago our house felt sad and empty too. Then Sophie came to heal all of us (her big brother Chai especially) and despite our grief it's been the happiest 10 months I can recall. Kittens do amazing things for our souls.
    I wish this new family all the best! I just hope they have a laptop and a trackball for dear little Greta! ;-)

  17. It sounds like my boyfriend, Malcolm, is going to have a long and very happy life. And Greta is such a beautiful girl. Congratulations to the 4 of them!!!

  18. So adorable ! Congratulations on your two new little 'charges." May you have long and happy lives together ! I especially love the one where they are huddled together with their little yellow tags on.....beyond sweet.

  19. I'm always a bit sad when kittens leave for their new homes, but this bunch's leaving has really tugged at me and I'm not sure why. Laurie, you have such a big heart so thanks for taking in all 6 of 'em. Bon Voyage, little ones. Your next adventures and happiness awaits you!

    Rosemary K.
    Mpls, mn

  20. As bittersweet as the departures can be, their arrival stories from their new families are joyful. Charlene and Wylla are excellent teachers and Laurie, you are quite the storyteller.


  21. Aawwwweee!!!
    Lex, Ky

  22. So happy for everyone in this family, and especially glad Carrie and Billy won’t be having to buy shoes for that darling big-footed boy.

  23. I'm so thrilled for Carrie and Billy, that they have joy and purrs and pettins in their home again, and I can tell from Carrie's note she and Billy will spoil Greta and Malcom absolutely rotten and adore them muchly in the manner they deserve. Yay for everyone!



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