Monday, September 29, 2014

Von Tussles: Then and Now

We said goodbye to two more of the babies this weekend, and this morning, the last of these dear things leave the nest.  It sure has been a pleasure getting to know this amazing set.  They all landed some very nice homes, and we'll start the departure tales tomorrow.

We've have six wonderful weeks with the Von Tussles.  During this time, they've done a whole lot of growing and changing.  Here are there "before" and "after" shots so you can see the difference.

Midge before:


Midge after:


Greta before:


Greta after:


Langston before:


Langston after:


Claudette before:


Claudette after:


Malcolm before:

Malcolm after:


Cosette before:


Cosette after:


You will be missed, beautiful kittens.


  1. I haz a sad,. It's been fun following this group. However, incredibly happy to hear they all have their forever homes lined up. Looking forward to the final few posts on the Von Tussles.

  2. Sad to see these beauties go, but I'm so happy they all found their forever families. They were a beautiful litter.

  3. I look forward to seeing update pictures for years! This litter was just perfect, and I couldn't believe how quickly every one learned all 6 names. I hope their new owners enjoy every day of the next rambunctious year of kittenhood. Thanks for taking all 6, Laurie. They really started my day with a smile- especially Malcolm for some reason.

  4. Fare thee well, von Tussles! It has been fun watching you grow and change, and I wish you all the best in your forever homes.

  5. these all grow up to be so beautiful and handsome :) happy tears for them to find good homes

  6. They are so dadblasted cuteeee...How is the Queen Charlene Butterbean and Miss Wylla Stout?????? These Von Tussles were certainly itty bitty cuteness. Thanks for all you do to rescue and grow the itty bitty kittehs, your efforts are so generous and loving and sweet..You do quite a service to help and protect the itty bitty kittehs have a most wonderful fall week, ciao and love X()X()X()X()X()

  7. What a delightfully fun& sweet-looking bunch the von Tussles have been. I've enjoyed every single solitary moment of them. Wishing them and their new people much happiness (sniff).

  8. Already?!?!? What a sweet bunch they've been (and I'm so glad that Cosette has grown into her floof)!

  9. What a great bunch, I've loved spending the past few weeks with them. I would happily have given a home to each and every one of this bundles of fun and floofiness. You do such great work hun and if I ever feel down I look back at that picture of Malcolm smiling from ear to ear, Jo x

  10. My how they've grown up! It's so hard to notice the changes unless you see them weeks apart. I can't wait to see how much cuter they'll be when they're fully grown and loving their new homes.

  11. I love these before and after comparisons! They have all grown so quickly and are all beautiful! I think Malcolm has had the most dramatic change of them all. And even little rumpled Cosette has blossomed into a less rumpled beauty.

  12. So glad they all found homes. They're all so gorgeous/handsome!

  13. OMG! These von Tussles are growing up gorgeous! Sure hope to see and hear updates on them in the years to come. This batch has been hard to let go of.

  14. Greta got Gorgeous(so gorgeous!), Langston grew into even more of a grey floof (his expression in the 'after' photo is hilarious), Claudette clearly never learned to stop playing in the paint (or she never learned the value of a good bath afterward), Malcom's tabby is showing, and Cosette's humans aren't going to know what's hit them. The Von Tussles (such a fabulous, fabulous name) were a delight to watch from a distance and it's a joy to know they're going to wonderful furever homes.

  15. They all truly paid close attention to the Butterbean grooming training program! At the beginning these kittens could have been members of the Rumple Von Tussels family!

  16. I can hardly believe it's been 6 weeks! Midge is still my favourite of the bunch, and if I'm any judge of paws, Malcolm is going to be one LAAAARGE and handsome fella!

  17. What a pleasure to witness the once fragile looking kittens grow into a healthy lovely group of kitties. Well done, Laurie, Craig, Charlene and Wylla.
    Have you had any updates from first time cat dad, Ashraf, who adopted two Kibblesmiths?

  18. The names you gave them fit them so perfectly!



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