Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So Long, Langston



 Langston was the first to leave. He was also the first kitten picked.  I had promised Keryn, who is the niece of a dear friend of mine, the first pick of the Von Tussle litter.  She was looking for a sweet kitty friend for Lady Katherine, her very floofy Tabby Point.

As soon as the Von Tussles were ready for meet and greets, she came over with boyfriend John, and they spent a good hour meeting the kittens.   All of the kittens were charming and adorable, and they left that night with tough decision to make.   

Claudette and Langston were the top contenders,  and after a couple of days of thinking on the subject, they decided that Langston, who was a little more reserved than the rest, would be the best pick for Lady Katherine.  I was happy they selected Langston. When they described Lady K's personality, he seemed to be the best match for her.  


Langston is doing very well in his new home. He was comfortable from the start, and was eager to share snuggles and purrs with his new parents.  They're pretty thrilled to have him there. 

Lady Katherine is still adjusting to this idea of a new baby brother, but things are progressing, and with each day there's been improvement.  She's been an only cat for four years, so this is a big change for her.

Langston is such an easy fellow and poses no threat.  He always loved the attention and affection he got from  Charlene, and I'm sure once Lady K is ready to give it, he'll be happy to receive it.   We're all confident that they'll be BFFs in time.






Have a good life, dear boy.  We're missing you, but so happy you landed a lovely home.


  1. Yay for another happy start in life! Best wishes to Langston and his new family.

  2. Hooray for Langston! I'm happy Lady Katherine has him for a new friend. I hope we get some pics of them together. It will be a big change for her but it sounds like she'll adjust. Maybe when she realizes that she can be naughty and frame Langston she'll accept him. :)

    Great pics of him with his gold medal. He looks so proud.

  3. My Henry is a Russian Blue, so gray cats always have a special place in my heart. Best of luck, Langston!

  4. What a lucky, lucky family! He is a beautiful boy.

  5. Love the Gold Medal on Langston! Perhaps Lady Katherine will stoop to a picture with Little Lord Langston in the future?
    Congrats to all!

  6. He is such a handsome, and charming little man! I am sure that Lady K will warm up to him in no time. Have a great life little guy!

  7. Langston shows his proud swagger in the second to last pic! So happy for him and for his new family.

  8. Langston always looks so pensive. He is a most handsome kitty and I am sure he will win over Lady Katherine. And, as we have seen, he must taste pretty good, too. That ought to help!

  9. Aww... sweet, reserved gray boy. Best wishes for this little one and his new family!

  10. The ideal kitten for an ideal family -- many congratulations all round. And let the plea for regular updates begin!

  11. Langston and Lady Katherine sound like two quite dignified names! He grew up to be so gorgeous, hope his new family sends pictures of Langston and his new big sister in the future :)

  12. I'm sorry to see this dashing fellow go. I hope the lucky family sends us updates!

  13. Best wishes for life in your new home, handsome. Best wishes, and thanks, to the folks who adopted you.

  14. i LOVED that guy and secretly wanted to add him to our kitty family.

  15. Happy Gotcha, Langston! Have a wonderful life with your new family!

  16. Langston, looked like he was presenting your kitten pits to Charlene for inspection before she let him depart.

    Lady K will soon realize what an awesome buddy she has...how could she not love this little gold medal boy?

  17. Oh Langston, I miss you so. You just let me know if Keryn, John or your new sister don’t treat you right and I’ll be there immediately to rescue you.

    Of course, knowing Laurie and how she selects families, you’re gonna have a great life, but just remember I LOVE you.



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