Monday, August 11, 2014

Stepping Out with Wylla Stout: Her Own Private Idaho


This weekend, we packed up the car and headed over the pass to visit Craig's folks.  It's a long haul, nearly six hours of driving total, but it's a beautiful drive. Wylla traveled well, and napped most of the way.

Reid and Nancy have a lovely home up in the mountains, near Moscow, Idaho.  It's remote and quiet, and the perfect place for a kitten (or us humans) to relax and enjoy nature.

Wylla settled in and made herself right at home.  She really felt immediately at ease here.


The house is filled with many windows, and I think she may have left a nose print on every single one. She enjoyed taking in each view.


The best view is from the window seat in the dining room.  They have lots of bird feeders hanging around the property, which attract many varieties of birds as well as chipmunks, squirrels, and even moose!  From this seat you can see so much and Wylla spent a lot of time camped out here.




That big bird below is a wild turkey! There were several roaming around the yard.


This squirrel visited frequently. There's a bird feeder hanging from the eaves and several feet from the deck. This guy would leap from the deck rail to feeder and that was really fun to watch.


The window seat also is the best napping spot in the house, too.


Here's a little video of Wylla enjoying her favorite spot in the house.

The deck wraps around half of the house and offers some really awesome views.  



Wylla had great fun exploring outside too.    We took many strolls around the property.


And spent lots of time on the patios.


She loved watching the chipmunks scurry on the ground and climb the trees.



The hummingbirds were captivating.



And nature smells are interesting.



It was a fun and relaxing weekend for all.   Their home really is the perfect house for cats: so many windows, so much light, so much to see.

Wylla was so happy here. Her steps were light and chirps and purrs were plentiful while she visited.  I know she'll be happy to return again one day soon.



  1. Looks like paradise for cat and human alike. :)

    Does Charlene do much traveling?

    1. Only to the vet and back. She's not a huge fan of cars, and I don't feel would be as open to new experiences as Wylla is. I think she might be too panicky for big outings like this.

    2. Thanks. I wondered if that might be the case. Plus you probably need someone to hold down the fort while you and Willa are out and about. ;)

  2. Wylla was so fun to watch in the video. Her ears were quite busy and her head swiveling as bits of movement caught her attention.

    It looks like she was quite satisfied with her 'abouting' as she unwound. She and Charlene will have lots of sniffs to exchange as they describe their vacations!

  3. When you do your "back to Bean school" shopping for Wylla, you need to find a moose sweater to commemorate this adventure :)

  4. What kind of flea and tick protection do you use for her, especially since she goes outside and is exposed to other cats and dogs?

  5. She looks at home everywhere she goes. I'm so happy she is so well documented! Idaho is beautiful. But Wylla added to the natural beauty of the state when she set paw in it.

  6. What a purr-fect little holidays for Wylla.

  7. What a nice, quiet getaway after the craziness of the the fundraiser. You certainly make Idaho—a place I hadn't thought much about— sound idyllic!

  8. What a beautiful photo log of your trip. I had to go through all the pics at least twice. The first time all I could focus on was beautiful Wylla! So I had to go through again to appreciate the scenery AND Wylla.

  9. Oh, my, Wylla set foot in my state! Several hours away, sadly for me. My shoulders are available anytime for Wylla if you head further my way. :)

  10. What a delight to see Wee Wylla on such a fun getaway. And how lovely for you and Craig to have a well-earned vacation, too.

  11. Can you do a post or explain about how you leash trained her and got her walking outside? I'm interested in doing it with my kitten, who is pretty comfortable in the car, and I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    Beautiful photos, I always love updates about Wylla!

    1. It's never been a very conscious process. We started her young, and she took to the harness and leash right away. I think a big part of her success is her trusting nature and easy personality.

    2. Anna, catmandoo on YouTube has amazing cat training advice. I've successfully trained my 8 year old boy cat using the techniques

  12. Oh goshness, I just died a little inside. This is so beautiful. I'm really jealous and I can imagine how much Wylla enjoyed this trip.

  13. What were the little long-tailed grey animals running around in the yard in the video? Tails too skinny for squirrels, too long for chipmunks; some kind of voles? (I'm sure Wylla would love to investigate...)

  14. Those were chipmunks running on the ground.

  15. Wow the Idaho light really highlights Wylla's furs!! :) (Gorgeous girl...)

  16. Wylla Stout's quirky beauty never ceases to amaze my husband and me. But the wow du jour this time is Craig's parents' place! The architectural design is really magical and of course the part of Idaho on the other sides of those windows is gorgeous. What a blessing it must be to live there.

  17. Wylla, you are SUCH a beautiful girl! I think you're my favorite kitty on the IBKC!!��



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