Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lord Love a Duck


So, what's the deal withe the duck, you ask?



Well, our friend Sarah called yesterday to say she wanted us to meet her new friend.    Sarah's got quite the animal menagerie at her house, so a phone call like this isn't uncommon, and it means her critter family just expanded.

The little guy (or gal, we're not sure) was discovered alone in the world, along side some railroad tracks in Tacoma.   Someone brought it into the vet office Sarah works at, and Sarah brought it home.  

When Sarah stopped by with her itty-bitty week-old ducky friend, all the kittens were tucked away and napping.  We had a lovely visit, my god baby ducks are cute, and when Sarah was packing up,  a curious Miss Camille came out to say hello.



Don't worry, little ducky was never in harm's way.  We were right there, monitoring closely.   Camille was very calm and sweet and wasn't quite sure what to make of this little creature.    She just sniffed him, and little ducky gave her a few peeps, and pecked in her direction.

It was a treat to meet Sarah's ducky friend.     Thank you Sarah, for bringing the little it by!



  1. I can see that you (or whoever the human is in the pics ;)) had a hand ready to scruff Camille if she did start looking like she might misbehave.

    The duck looks almost too itty bitty to be real!

  2. Lily trust me they are that small! There are at least 11 maybe 13 ducks from two mothers round near me...

    Lovely duckie and Love Miss Camille too!

  3. the duckie's absolutely adorable!!!!

  4. Little Miss Camille and an adorable duckling... Kerthunk from the cute?

  5. how lovely that someone saved the duckling and that Sarah took it in! and as I said before...
    squeeeeeee, soooooo cute!

    oh, and coffee table book still really good idea :D


    I just exploded from cute.

  7. Camille 1: What on EARTH are you?

    Camille 2: You smell kind of... tasty...

  8. Instead of Duck, Duck, Goose....

    Kitty, Kitty, DUCK!

    Camille you show such gentle curiosity, I am proud.

  9. Oh my... it just can't get any cuter then this! I think I'm in love!!!

    xo Catherine

  10. a duckling and my favorite of this litter?? this is Awesome!:)

  11. Wouldn't it be great if Ducky imprinted on Charlene??? (I know it's too late for that, but a girl can fantasize.)

    A squillion thanks to Sarah for bringing her tiny charge by for a visit. All the pictures of little D. are too precious.

  12. Imagine Camille going back to the other kittens and telling them all about who she was lucky enough to encounter



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