Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sheldon and Pearla!!

We all loved our Dearborns, so I'll know you 'll be happy to see this update on Pearla and Sheldon!

Mama Carmen sent a nice batch of photos in,  so you can see how lovely (and silly) they are.

pearla says what

dirty window

sleeping siblings



Belly faceplant

Here's what she has to say about the pair:

They are doing great! Sheldon is a pain in the butt sometimes and loves getting on the counters so I am learning how to out cat a cat. It’s impossible. Pearla is the good kid and rats on him all the time with those big green eyes. Sheldon is a cuddler and wants to be near people all the time. He will sit on or by you if he can, often with one paw touching you. He is always purring even though he still looks cranky most of the time. He wakes me up each morning by sitting and napping on me until he just can’t stand it and meows in my face to feed them. Pearla is a little more reluctant to snuggle but when she chooses her time she is relentless and will follow you around calling for attention. She is generally the one who will come and lay down with me at night for a few minutes to get the quiet time. They are both playful and wrestle with each other and things all the time. I can’t keep enough “Da Bird” kits in the house because they shred them as they play. 

 In the end, though, they get along great and are often found curled up with each other in a kitty pile. :) I’m a lucky gal to live with these guys - Laurie, Craig, Charlene and Wylla are doing a great thing for kittens and people by the fostering that they do. I’m proud to tell people how I managed to get paired with these little monsters and to support them each year when the fundraiser comes around!

Thank you so much for this, Carmen!  Please give some love to Pearla and Sheldon. It's so great to see them again.  

And thank you too for the sweet words, and all the support!!!    


  1. Pearla has become a true beauty and, as the guardian of a grumpy-faced boy, I'm so glad to know that Sheldon kept his grumpy face. Thank you for the update!

  2. Sheldon, you are a great Twitterer-erer!

  3. It's so great to see their grown-up selves! I remember them very well from the itty bitty days. Glad to see Pearla has retained her pink nose, and that Sheldon is still Mister Grumpy-Pants!

  4. my cat is a face-sleeper too, gaahhh, so cute! love it!!

  5. I love them! They grew up to be gorgeous kitties...clearly well loved.

  6. Pearla was just so adorable - she still looks the same. And hi again to Sheldon. Face plant sleeping is the best.

  7. Pearla still has the most boopable nose! And Sheldon's faceplant is killing me! Thank you for the update on two of my most favorite IBKC graduates ever!!

  8. Wow, Sheldon and Pearla are just stunning! They were so darn darling as babies, and now they look elegant and darling. Hooray for updates!



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