Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Now You Know!

Below are the answers to yesterday's alumni quiz.

So, how did you do? It was really hard, I know.

No one got them all correct, but a couple of you got six out of seven right, which is really awesome, because it was difficult.  Thanks for playing along! We'll try another one before the week is out.

More alum updates to come today,  and don't forget, we've got a huge matching happening now and ALL that we raise will help build the new room for the foster kittens, and Cynthia has offered up a $5000 match, and we've got $4155 to go, so if you're in a position to help, please do!

To learn more about the match and the room we are funding and see a touching video from Cynthia, just scroll down to the previous post!

To make a tax-deductible donation for the new foster room, visit our FUNdraising page.

#1 Fern Lyttelton

Fern Lyttelton

#2 Cyrus Loudermilk


#3 Luella Draper


# 4 Perry Draper


#5 and # 6 Bunny and Milton Ashby


# 7 Graham Loudermilk



  1. I confess I don't follow this blog closely enough to have been a serious competitor, but it's wonderful to revisit the kitties and see what beautiful creatures they've grown into. It must be bittersweet for you, but as Dr. Who once said (in a book) about how all of his companions leave for other adventures, taking a piece of him with them each time, "it's a small price to pay for immortality of a sort."

    1. The nerd in me honors in the nerd in you!

  2. Did anyone get them all right.

    1. No, two folks got 6/7, but nobody got them all.

  3. Graham's expression is remarkably the same! I just love the foster names you give your babies and always come across names that make me think of the IBKC. Just last night, in a book I was reading, two were mentioned that I have to pass on--Eulalie and Ransom.

  4. Perry Draper sure grew into a giant lion!

  5. WHY and HOW is Fern sooooo cute/pretty?!

  6. how can that not be Baxter Lamm?? I am so disappointed in myself and really, Zoubi should have been a better advisor.

  7. I really love that puss in boots what a real hoot and such a gorgeous face.

  8. Oh I'm enjoying all the then & now pics. Graham Loudermilk has not changed one bit. Such a wonderful expressive face!!



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