Thursday, July 24, 2014

More Pettibones!

As promised, MORE PETTIBONES!  

Victoria, mama to Agnes and Henry (formerly Carmine) Pettibone, has an update to share with us!

Let's start things off with a couple of baby pics!

Here's little Agnes.


And dear Henry.

Carmine Pettibone

And here they are today!

Here's what mom has to say:

Agnes and Henry are 6-years old now but are still very youthful and kitten-like. Agnes gets more vocal and social with visitors every year. She can be a real chatterbox. Especially when she's feeling flirty, which we adore. She loves toys that are things on strings, only she's become so focused on chewing on the string rather than the sparkle ball attached to the string that she's earned the nickname "Flossie". Her dentist would be proud.

Henry is still as cool as a cucumber and he loves as hard as he plays. His current nicknames include, Captain Headbonk and Sugar Puss. He talks more now, too, but he still prefers to chirp. His chirping is almost like a constant narration or proclamation of his presence, so when he gives out one of his quiet little 'meows', it is super cute. He goes to bed with us every night and was so demanding for use of my pillow that we went to IKEA and bought him his own. He has more freckles on his nose.

They both still give little vampire bites when they want attention or when Ian comes home from the farm smelling "outdoorsy" or when he's been cooking outside.

I thank Laurie every day for bringing these special kitties into our lives. I can't imagine life without these sweet, smart Pettibones.

Thanks so much for this, Victoria!  It's clear you adore your babes! How lucky they were to end up with you!

On the FUNdraising front, we're making some good progress on the match we've been chipping away at this morning, but we still have $1314 to go, and one and a half hours to get there!   And once we meet this match, we will roll past our $100 Squillion goal.    

So please, friends, if you had planned to make a donation, but haven't done so yet, please pay a visit to our Firstgiving page!  Every single bit helps get us one step closer to our goal!

Thank you!!


  1. How special! IBKC kittens are so social and sweet. I think Henry and Agnes are beautiful.

  2. I see that I'm not the only one with feline pattern weights. They look happy, spoiled and healthy, just as they should be.

  3. Agnes was one of my favorite IBKs! They look great! More updates!



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