Monday, July 7, 2014

Mixing and Mingling

Wylla has been spending a little more time with the Kibblesmiths, and the kittens have moved past their initial fear of the "giant" beast, and are becoming  more curious about her.

It's interesting to watch Wylla watch them. You can see the wheels in her little brain churning as she's trying to process it all. It must be a bit confusion - we had two kittens, they left, and now we have three kittens, and one of these kittens looks a lot like one we used to have.  Bean's been through this enough to know the pattern. Wylla will figure it out eventually, but for now it's a bit boggling.

SLOW going on the match this morning!  We've barely made a dent in it!  If you're in a position to give and can help the homeless cats and kittens out, please do! And if you can't give, please share and tell your kitty-loving friends about what we're up to over here. 

Every wee bit help, especially during a match, when your dollars are doubled.  Even if it's just a few dollars - that can feed or vaccinate a shelter cat, and that makes a difference in their lives!    

Thank you for listening, thank you for giving!   To help the cats and kittens out, please click HERE


  1. Scale is everything! When I saw the kittens with the basket in earlier photos, my brain thought "laundry basket." Now with Wylla there, I realize it's one of those teeny-storage baskets!

  2. I'm impressed. The Kibblesmiths make Wee Wylla look huge!

  3. Maeve seems quite taken with Wylla. I love how Maeve just toddles off after her at the end of the video while Delphine and Evie are all 'who is that strange big cat.'

  4. Which tabby was the brave one who went after Wylla when she left??

  5. I have a confession to make. I'd never thought of bidding for it before, but if the "Tea with the Bean" is on offer again this year, I'm going for it. Why? Because in April next year, we'll be in the area, and I'll be able to collect! Otherwise, it's a bit of a trek from Australia :-) So please, is "Tea with the Bean" going to be on offer this fundraiser?

    1. Yes, we will be doing that again this year.

  6. This is too cute :) Wee Wylla looks so big next to the Kibblesmiths. I was wondering: How do you introduce Bean and Wylla to each new litter? Do you have to do the full 'procedure' (smell exchange etc.) or are they just fine with the new kittens? I'm asking because I just adopted a third cat to my existing two and the introduction was so exhausting and I've always admired fosterers who have their own cats, wondering how they do it?!

  7. It's not really a process anymore. Charlene's been through this many times and Wylla a couple. When the kitten are ready to meet the big cats, we grant the big cats access to their world. Kittens at that age aren't territorial, so you don't have issues like you can with older cats.

  8. I can't get over how teeny the Kibblesmiths look next to Wylla! I've seen how tiny *she* is, so the Kibblesmiths must be positively minute!



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