Monday, July 7, 2014

LIVE From the IBKC FUNdriasier: Maeve Ties Up the Lines

... So,  she was all "that's not your felt mouse" and got all puffy.


And I was all "oh, yes it is" and I arched my back.


And then.  And then do you know what Evie did?  She dropped MY mouse into the water dish. 


MY felt mouse. This is MY felt mouse we're taking about here.  Not her felt mouse. MY felt mouse. 


And I was all "oh, no you didn't". 


And she was all "oh, yes I did". 


And then.... OH dear, I think there's another call coming in.  I suppose I should take it.  OR, they can wait until I finish my story. I can just put them on hold.  That's what I'll do.     Anyway, so I got all puffy and she.......

Wrap it up, Maeve!  We've got a match to meet!  Our awesome anonymous donor has offered up another matching donation challenge for us this morning.

Until 7:00 PM (Pacific Time), or until we meet the $1500 cap,  she'll be matching each of our donations, dollar for dollar!   That's right! Here's another wonderful opportunity to have your dollars go twice as far!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  Even though it was it was a little quiet on the set because of the holiday, we had several big donations that kept the total rising at a decent clip, and now we're getting very close to rolling past the $35,000 mark!  With this match on the table, we will blow past that today!  

Thank you to all of you for helping us raise so much already  Thank you for having such huge hearts for the wee kittens and big cats.  Your generosity allows our shelter to continue to do the important work they do.  Our donations provide the resources so they can  provide quality care to  these homeless pets and help them find their forever families.  It feels good to be part of it, doesn't it?

To make a tax-deductible donation to our amazing shelter and support the good things they're doing for our cats and kittens, please visit our FUNdraising page.

Thank you for listening!  We'll be back with more today, so keep your dial on this channel!


  1. So cute...even if she is a gossip ;-)

  2. Well obviously Evie is a little troublemaker. ;) And this whole girly phone convo (with photos!) is just the cutest.

  3. That is a kitten photojournalism tour-de-force. As one who has cats, and owns a camera, but never quite puts them together very well, I'm kind of in awe here.

  4. I think Maeve may need a refresher course on answering the phones from Ms. Stout.



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