Friday, July 11, 2014

For the Ones Who Left Too Soon


Our Friend Rosemary from New York is offering up a lovely $500 match for us this morning.  This match is in honor of Dylan, a young man and very dear person in her life, who sadly left our planet much too soon.  It's also in honor of all of those special souls we've said goodbye to sooner than we should have.

For every dollar we donate this morning, Rosemary will match it until we reach the $500 cap.  This will run until 12:00 PM today (pacific time).

To participate in Rosemary's match, please visit our fundraising page to make your donation.  And if it's in honor of someone special, please let us know in the comment section on the Firtstgiving page or here on this post.

Thank you so much for this generous offer and thoughtful tribute, Rosemary.


  1. It's the ones that go too soon that really break your heart. Two years after losing him, I still miss my sweet Harley Dude.

    Thank you, Rosemary.

  2. I am sorry for Rosemary's loss, and grateful for her generosity!

  3. ♥ Oh sweet Filbert Stout ♥

  4. For my cat BlackJack, intrepid cancer fighter that he was! ♥



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