Thursday, July 10, 2014

For the Foster Babies!

We met the huge match yesterday, but that doesn't mean we're done raising money for the foster program and the new room the shelter will be creating for the wee ones.  

Until 10:00 AM (pacific time) all of our donations will go towards this program and project.    I know we're not currently running a matching donation challenge, and even though your dollars won't be doubled right now,  they still count, and they still help the kittens.

Last year, some of the money you donated for the foster program was used to purchase heating pads and scales for our foster homes.



So,  that $30 donation you made, kept a litter of kittens warm.  Or, that $40 donation provided a scale so their foster family could weigh them daily and make sure the kittens were growing at the rate they should.

Thank you for playing a part in raising healthy kittens!

Now, let's help some more!

To make a donation to support our foster program and help build out the shelter's new foster kitten room,  please visit our FUNdraising page.

Thank you for helping, friends.


  1. I foster injured cats or motherless kittens. You were so right yesterday about poopy problems in babies when they switch from mom to formula to food. We'd love a baby room but $75,000 is 3 times our annual budget. Yes, I am jealous, but happy for you. These warming discs are great. Hope people buy enough for your needs. Keep up the great work. Love the kittens staffing the phone blogs. Gail

  2. Those snugglesafe heating pads are the greatest things. I bought two after reading about them here on IBKC and my two elderly cats LOVE them. I can imagine what a great thing they are for the littlest of kittens. That is truly money well spent. IBKC and the HS are absolutely incredible and so are all those who have donated. I wish we had such an incredible program here in Reno. Rae in Reno.

  3. I bought one of those heating pads to keep on hand, in case I find another feral kitten. Works very well....I tried it out and found my senior kitty with her butt on it, sleeping ! They say to microwave them for several minutes, but I nuked mine for half the time...they get hot FAST. Great product.



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