Thursday, March 6, 2014

Six Weeks and Six Weeks

It's Thursday, so let's throw it back!  

It's hard to believe, but that's wee Bean napping in Craig's hat. She was only six weeks old in this photo and so itty bitty!

charlene in a stocking cap/sleeping bag

And here's Wylla at the very same age.  She looks bigger than Bean, but you know that's all floof.


They both have changed so much, Charlene more than Wylla, but when I look at these photos, I can see a glimpse of who they would become.  

In Bean's photo, you can see how deeply she trusts her dad. They have a very deep bond today.

That look Wylla's giving, she still does that today to get what she wants.  And it still works.


  1. So very touching -- and how lucky you are to be able to compare those two lovely girls at that milestone and so many others.

  2. They were both so adorable then -- and they're both so beautiful now! Clearly, they love their life, and who can blame them? I've always said that in my next life, I want to return as my own cat. :-)

  3. I love Charlene, too- but she does have a small resemblance to either a baby wookie or possibly a very tiny werewolf. But still adorable!

  4. Bean's chin is the very best chin I have ever seen anywhere.

  5. There is something to be said about babies, especially kittens! Of course, it's easier to tell changes in multi-colored cats... mine just look like ginormous kittens! LOL and they act like it sometimes too, old farts!

  6. omg Bean!! I've never seen that picture of dear Wookie Werewolf Charlene! and so happy for all of Wylla's progress! <3

  7. Ohh, the little sweeties!

  8. BABY BEAN!!!!!!!!!!! Squeeeee!!!!!!!! Omgggggg her chin though!

  9. OMG, baby Bean!!!! She looks so bitty in that picture.

    Both your girls were adorable babies and very handsome young ladies.

    You all spread so much joy with your blog.

    Thank you!!
    Buddy and Tiger's Mom

  10. I know that Wylla look well since my Ellie uses a similar look combined with a soft half "meow" to get what she wants. Yes, it does work. >^..^<

  11. Looking at the tiny Bean I understand why I truly love her so - and then I understand why I love Wylla - and you - and Craig. You're a balm, the whole lot of you. Thank you!!

  12. baby Beanie … it just makes my heart burst. :)



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