Thursday, December 5, 2013

Stepping Out With Wylla Stout - Castle Crag State Park

After stuffing ourselves Thanksgiving Day, we were in need of some exercise, so we headed with Craig's aunt to Castle Crag State Park for a little walk in the woods.

It was warm and sunny. The air was fresh and the skies were free of clouds.  It was the perfect day for an outdoor excursion.

It felt great to stretch our legs after spending so many hours in the car during recent days.


When we're out and about, because I'm usually snapping photos, Craig carries Wylla. She loves it, and seems to feel safe going anywhere when she's in her pa's arms.  





The trail to the top was lovely, and the vista was outstanding. We stayed up there for a bit, soaking it all in.  Wylla's eyes were wide, ours were too.




Sadly, our visit at Castle Crag was brief.  We were starting our trip back to Washington that afternoon, so we couldn't stay too long. 


So we headed down the trail, and hit the highway.  


  1. Fabulous photos, fabulous Wylla, fabulous adventures! Thanks for sharing. :D

  2. It may be a trick of the floof but she looks like she's filling out nicely!

  3. It's a gloomy, freezing day in Eastern Illinois, so these pictures brought beautiful Wylla and gorgeous scenery here for just a few moments.

  4. Who knew that this wide eyed kitten would have such and adventurous life !

  5. I'm loving to take the trip with you through the pictures. Who stayed in with Bean while you and Wylla were out and about? :)

  6. Wylla looked like she was trying to catch sight of some elusive mammals.

  7. I think you need to get an itty bitty kitty suitcase for Wylla so she can apply stickers of all the places she visited!

  8. Love the pictures of Wylla and Pa. We sometimes forget just how tiny she still is. But her floof is lovely!

  9. Could Wylla possibly be even prettier? She looks gorgeous inside, but put her out in the sunshine and she turns into one of the most stunning kitties ever! What a beautiful little girl she has turned into. Has she hit 3 lbs yet, Laurie? And does she eat as well away from home as she does at home, or maybe even better? (I know that fresh air always gives me a big appetite, so I'm hoping it does for Wylla, too!)

  10. That 7th picture is just gorgeous..

    I've driven past the Crags on my way north a couple of times, never have time to stop though.. Now I'll have to make the time. :)

  11. I just love love love these posts..

  12. I love Wylla the Wilderness Kitty. She seems to really enjoy her visits to the wild. Perhaps it tickles some distant inherited memory of being a big cat and stalking through the woods in search of prey.

  13. I adore the idea of taking a kitty for a walk in a park like this.

  14. i love the picture of her looking into the camera with the mountain in the background. she is so aware and happy to pose! thank you for the adventure!

  15. @Karen W. love the idea of the Wylla-sized travel suitcase with stickers! (lol)^2

  16. I am just catching up with all the posts from your Thanksgiving trip! How awesome to travel with such a cute little companion such as Wylla! Great job Laurie (& Craig & Wylla too)

  17. Too cute!!

    I love how Wylla's paws look on the road, in pic 2. She has the most perfectly adorably turned out paws! Gah, could she be any cuter?

  18. Wylla is such a little adventure-puss!



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