Friday, December 6, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Wylla did remarkable well on her huge journey.  We were gone six days, traveled around 1500 miles total, which is an awful lot for a little kitten.  Thankfully, she seemed to be feeling good for most of the trip, and kept every single meal down while we were away.  When traveling, it's hard to keep with a schedule, so her mealtimes varied much more than they usually do. She did fine with her routine interrupted a bit.

Our dear friend Sarah looks after Bean while we are away.  Bean adores her, and she gets lots of love and attention while we are gone. It would be fun to take Charleen out and about if she enjoyed traveling, but I know she doesn't.  Any car ride is stressful for her,  and she's much happier staying behind, I am sure.  Actually, I think she enjoys having a quiet house while we're away.  She loves her sister, but sometimes Wylla's kittenish ways, cut into Beans nap time.  And Bean needs her beauty rest. 

Of course, Bean was happy to see us when we returned. The second Wylla walked in, Charlene began bathing her from head to toe, and tasted every flavor she brought home from the road.  I'm sure after spending time in several different homes and hotels, there must have had some odd smells trapped in Wylla's floof.  




Wylla tolerated the bath longer than she normally does, but then decided that was enough, pulled away, and gave Charlene a stern look.      

They broke into a joyous and very long game of tag,  chased each other all over the house, making up for matches missed while we were away this week.   We joined in on their antics. After so many hours being trapped in the car, we were ready to run around too!

It was a fun trip, but we all were happy to be home and have the whole family together again. 


  1. Even though Wylla is growing up (giving Bean the stink eye is hysterical) - but a romping game of tag is the be all! My 2 Maine Coons do this, so one should keep one's feet off the floor or be used as a launching pad!

  2. They are both so adorable when Bean bathes Wylla!

  3. Home sweet home. I'm more of a Bean than a Wylla in my travel desires, but it is lovely to see such great reunion photos, And the mental image of everyone - kits and peeps - in a good game of tag makes me smile.

  4. I love watching kitties play tag- it sounds like the thundering herd around here because of the lack of carpeting. It is a good thing that Bean can relax when Wylla is away- poor Zoubi will sit staring at the front door for hours if India is at the vet- she won't even go eat. I think I'd prefer she would relax a bit! How cute is Wylla while getting that "strange place stank" removed?n Good job, Beanie!

  5. Awww, sweet girls.

    We have only LG (and hardwood floors) but he does the thundering herd thing quite well on his own. :-)

  6. What wonderful photos, Laurie. I mean they always are but these really capture a story. :)

  7. What a great post & pics Laurie! Glad you all traveled safely and welcome home.

    Our kitties don't like to travel either, so they are home with a caretaker and it's always so neat to come home from a trip and have them greet us at the door - each with their own welcome.

    It's also sweet to see the girls interacting like real sisters :)

  8. I know you don't need to be told this, but it was a wonderful decision to keep Wylla. She fits into your household perfectly. I am always amazed at what wonderful parents you are to her and Butterbean. I have no doubt when Wylla grows up she will be just as magnificent as Bean but in her own way.

  9. Love how she wrinkles her little nose when she's had enough :)



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