Monday, November 25, 2013

Looking Good, Loudermilks!

Look! We've got Loudermilks today!

Pandora, mom to Clive and Ralphie, sent me an update and some sweet photos of the handsome young men.

First, lets take a look at the wee lads.


And here is what Pandora had to say..
Just thought I would let you know how our precious boys are doing. They are happy, healthy rambunctious and have entered adulthood with fur a flying.

 Ralphie AKA “Little Man” is a real character. He loves to burrow, is a yoga expert and adores his brother (when he is not biting him in the bum) and eats all things “bug”.

 Clive AKA “Big Boy” is our gentle giant. He is still quite shy, a bird watcher and a mama’s boy. He has more patience for his little brother than you could imagine. They have brought us endless love and laughter.

Thank you for sharing the boys with us today, Pandora! It is lovely to see them doing so well! Please give them some smooches from all of us!


  1. Such handsome boys! I love Clive's chinstrap, and Ralphie has a FANTASTIC belly.

  2. I am SO ENJOYING all the updates on all of these itty bittys!

  3. Oh, Clive and Ralphie were such sweet little kittens. And their expressions haven't changed a bit! What precious boys they are. xoxo

  4. What a handsome dynamic duo! Thanks for the update, Pandora and Laurie!

  5. And look-- Ralphie's whiskers aren't chewed! :D

    they're both SO CUTE

  6. Wow, SO great to see those two again!!

  7. Thanks for the update, Clive and Ralphie look happy as can be! It's so good to see IBKC alumni in their homes and getting the love they deserve! Hope everyone in IBKC-land has a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm giving thanks for all the kitties in my life <3

  8. Thanks everyone...Ralphie is quite proud of his Mouse-tache growing back. What a lovely network of ittybitty supporters

  9. I'm so glad to see Clive. He was my favorite Loudermilk, and he's as handsome as ever. And it sounds like he and Ralphie have complementary personalities, which is wonderful.

  10. They are both so handsome! Its so great to see the itty bitties all grown up-they look so happy. Thanks for the update!

  11. They are just splendid! There is nothing better than happy cats.



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