Friday, August 2, 2013

Pretty Pretty Posters

I picked up the freshly printed posters last week and delivered them to Jay, so he could sign the edition.  We were both so pleased with how lovely they turned out!  No surprise to me - the designer and printer are both top notch.




While Jay signed the posters, their dogs kept us company.  Here's Murray - you've met him a few times before.


And  here's Lucky Joe, a new addition to the family.


 Here are a few detail shots of the pretty posters.




Each poster is numbered.


And signed by the artist.


Since they arrived, I've been working feverishly to pack the orders up, and get the posters to you.  I  finished shipping off the last few of them yesterday - hooray!  It was no small task and took six jumbo rolls of packing tape to get the job done!

We still have a few left, so if you would like to pick one up, please visit the shop!

Thanks again for this beautiful poster design, Jay.  You really knocked it out of the park, and we couldn't be happier.


  1. Oh wow! I didn't realize Jay was your critter-loving friend and Murray's dad too! What great IBKC synergy and no wonder Jay designed such a critter-cool poster!

  2. I've already received mine -- it is possibly the cutest poster in the entire universe, just like Wylla and the Bean! Thanks so much, Jay (and pups), for such beautiful work

  3. Yay! Mine should be arriving in my mailbox soon!

  4. Mine is at the framer right now- I decided to have some high class acrylic instead of glass so I couldn't frame it myself. Of course, everyone knows what happened last time we framed an IBKC poster! upsside down.

  5. Mine arrived directly after Flossie passed through Maui. That day was full tilt humid to the max... so the tube is still wrapped up tight. Will be off to my favorite framer shortly. Yippiee! I anticipate smiling every time I see this art!

  6. I was ecstatic to receive mine in the mail! I just need to get a really nice frame (and maybe mat?) so I can display it to the world (er, my roommates...)! It is such a great piece of art and I'm glad I treated myself to the poster this year instead of wishing someone would buy one for me. Worth every penny and more!

  7. I came home to mine earlier this week and I just smiled as soon as I saw the tube on my porch. Then I had a few seconds of "wow Laurie hasn't let up yet" wonderment.

    It's beautiful! Well done Jay and friends!

  8. I just have to chime in here, too. I received mine earlier this week and I love it! Can't wait to get it framed so it can go up on the wall.

  9. Have the frame here waiting! Clappy hands!!

  10. I got mine, too! I can't wait to hang it up! :)

  11. I can't wait to get mine framed...and I know just where it's going! Next to last year's! Meowy Hugs, Robin

  12. How big is the poster? I can't find the dimensions anywhere.

    1. They are 16" x 20". If you go to the listing in our shop, you'll see the product details there.



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