Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mingling with Murray

Murray and his parents, Anne and Jay, stopped by for a visit last night.  Murray is no stranger to cats and kittens.  He lives with a lovely pair,  he's met a litter or two of ours, and has mingled with Charlene on more than one occasion.   He's a mellow, sweet, unflappable guy and we love him.

When Murray arrived last night, the kittens dashed under couch to safely observe the lanky beast.   Curiosity got the best of Clive, and he left his refuge to get a closer look at Murray.

Clive's curiosity quickly turned into a borderline obsession and he just couldn't get enough of Murray.

He sniffed his toes, and circled his legs.



And when Murray settled down on his bed, Clive joined him.


Murray was patient and calm,  and hardly seemed to mind.  He didn't even flinch when Clive attempted (multiple times)  to find a spot to nurse on poor Murray.


We decided Murray needed a break and we tucked the kittens away.

Charlene came out to say hello.   She didn't snuggle with Murray, but she always feels safe around him, so she came close.


It's always a pleasure having you over, Murray.  Please come back and visit again soon!


  1. Clive!!! Darling scene.

  2. Clive!!! Darling scene.

  3. Clive!!! Darling scene.

  4. Clive is just a little more than ankle high to a Murray.

  5. Do I spy little Cyrus hiding behind one of Murray's legs? The whole scene is wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. One of the few things I love as much as kittens are greyhounds!

  7. Oh is that ever precious! Dogs and kittens together are the best! Murray must be awesome. :-)

    When our boys were kittens they thought the sun rose and set on our yellow lab, Kenya. Now they fawn over everyone's dog because they had such a good start with theirs.

  8. Very sweet! Looks like Clive needs a dog of his own!

  9. Is Murray a greyhound or a whippet? Lovely face :-) And great that Clive's made a new friend!

  10. Clive, you so crazy. And now you are my favorite, because there's nothing better than dogs and cats together. Heart on your sleeve indeed, little one. xoxo

  11. Are the boys not in quarantine? Either way, very, very cute! Happy Thanksgiving and I give thanks for you and all you and the gang do.

    1. my thoughts too !!!!!!! but adorables pixs and a happy thanksgiving to you all from Paris

  12. Murray is a prince! Bless his great big heart for accommodating sweet, misguided Clive, and for being friends with the Bean. I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with love and abundance. xo



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