Friday, July 19, 2013

We've Got Our Eyes on the Prize!


 OH, dear friends.  We are close, close, close to hitting our goal!!   Yesterday we worked very hard, met ALL THREE matches, brought in a very nice sum, and now we're chipping away at our final few thousand!

Thank you to Mary, Sarah E, Eleanor and Alison who offered us these generous matches and thanks to all of you who made donations to help us meet them.   Thank you too for listening to our many pleas - I am sure your ears were growing weary yesterday.   I so appreciate your patience through all of this.    Thankfully, we are almost done!!!

We're currently at $96,175 and guess what, we've got another matching donation challenge! It's a nice one and it will take us OVER the top once met.  

Our dear, dear friend Cynthia has offered up this final challenge for the 2013 FUNdraising season and will be matching our donations, dollar-for-dollar, until we reach the $2500 cap, or until 4:00 PM, which ever comes first.   Once that match is met (I just KNOW we will meet it) we'll drop her $2500 in the kitty and we will roll past $100,000!!!  

And then the squee-ing will commence!!!

Oh, I can hardly wait to get there!

To help us meet that final match and hit our huge goal, please pay a visit to our FUNdraising page and make a tax-deductible donation today!

Thank you AGAIN, dear Cynthia, for offering up another wonderful match.  We wouldn't be where we are without generous YOU.  

And thank you to every single one of you for all your love, support, and many squillions. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, THIS is a very special bunch.   We love you!  xoxoxo

Stay close to your computers, friends, it's going to be an exciting day!!


  1. Will be watching from Raleigh, NC, US! :-) Yay for Cats!

  2. Cynthia is incredible! I am in awe of her and this community -- amazing things happen when cat lovers unite!!!! Way to go Laurie for leading the charge!! :)

    P.S. I haven't stopped squee-ing since day one. The FUNraiser is my favorite time of year!! EEeeeeee!!!!

  3. *tosses pennies into the pot*

    I just like to wait until the last minute!

  4. Was my comment rejected? I'm sorry, I just wanted to say Hooray! and that I'm cheering you on. I don't think I swore too much! Oh, kitty litter, maybe I did. :-)

  5. Cynthia is a gem, and so are you, Laurie. Thanks for all you do, and for all of your other awesome matchers, donors, herders, and kitten lovers. What an exciting FUNdraiser! I don't know how you and Wylla will have the energy to walk in the actual Dog-a-Thon tomorrow, but Olivia de Havicat and I will be rooting for you and the IBKC Team!




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