Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Third Hurdle

We've had a very good run so far today!  We've successfully met two matches and it's time to start up the third!

I know it's late in the day to start such a thing, but yesterday, after completing a big $2000 match, we were able to bring in another $1000.  Today we've met two $500 matches and I feel confident we can  push through this last $750 match.

Our friends Eleanor and Alison are the generous folks offing up this match.  We met them years ago, when they flew from Virginia, and joined us for our very first Tea with the Bean.    Eleanor was also responsible for naming at least two, maybe three IBKC kittens during naming rights auctions of previous FUNdraiser.

And speaking of names...

Our challenge is for all you great kitten namers out there and in honor of Laurie's superior naming skills. Make a donation and in the comments for the donations, put a great kitten name. It could be Itty Bitty human style - like Wylla Stout or more fantastical cat style, like Skimbleshanks, or Fluffy McCataloons, Esq. You could also donate in honor of a cat with great name. Laurie is not obligated to use any of the names, but who knows, maybe your contribution can make her list of possibilities!

- Eleanor and Alison 

Oh, this is going to be great!!  Let's make those donations and hear what you've got!

This $750 match runs until midnight tonight (Pacific Time) so we've got plenty of time to make it happen.  To get in on the fun, please pay a visit to our FUNdraising page and make a tax-deductible donation.

Thanks so much for this creative and generous match, Alison and Eleanor!!  And thanks in advance to all who play along!

And thanks again to Mary and Sarah E who offered up our earlier challenges and to everyone who helped us meet those matches!

We've got just $5000 to go to hit our huge goal!   We are sooooo close now!    I'm so proud of us!!!

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  1. Thank you Eleanor and Alison for a generous match and fun incentive! Very clever!



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