Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Orange Alum

It's time for the reveal! This orange kitty you saw this morning...

Well, it's no other than Mr Lambert O. Lively!
That's right, the original LOL cat!

If you forgot how adorable little Lambert was, here he is.


And if you ever need a lift, look at this video of leaping lambert.


  1. Just had a big laugh with that! LOL it is!

  2. I wonder if Lambert still has that wonderful hop? What a silly little kitten he was, but what a handsome big boy he is now!

  3. Lambert! I love that video of your leaping self. I'm sorry I didn't recognize you. But if I tell you how dear you are (you are VERY VERY dear), will you forgive me? Thank you for visiting with us on Orange Kitty Day.

  4. So, so cute! What a silly kitten you were and what a handsome boy you are now. Love those orange kitties!

  5. Hi everyone! I wanted to share something over here that I saw over at I know that IBKC has a huge following and I thought that we all could make a big impact. Here is what one of the readers posted (I will add the links at the bottom just incase my cut and paste doesn't grab the links with it.)

    "Would you mind going over to Catonsville Cats and reading the review I posted today of the new kitten care ebook by the dailykitten people? I was horrified when I read the contents of the Amazon preview, and I wrote a review there and also put it on my blog. The rescue community needs to be sure to put the word out about this book. It’s shocking. Did you know kittens from breeders are more likely to be healthy and friendly? Sigh. I hope to see more people expressing unhappiness about this book. Thanks…"

    From catonvillecats

    The Amazon link:

  6. Leapin' Lambert - That's one of my favorite videos! What a doll he is as a big boy!



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