Friday, July 12, 2013

A Visit from Opal the Human

Our little friend Opal the human (not Opal the kitten) came by for a visit yesterday with Ellis, her little brother and Jennifer, her mom.  For those of you who are new to the IBKC, Opal visits us each year  during the FUNdraiser and always brings a donation from her very own piggy bank to give to the kitties.  She made her first donation in 2010, when she was only four. You can read the sweet story HERE.

Wylla was busy taking her turn in the phone banks when they arrived, so they joined her on the set, said hello, and took a quick tour.



They helped Wylla with the phones.




Opal took some calls too.


They presented Wylla with their donation, and spilled contents of the jar out on the floor, so we could count all the coins.



$14.77 in all - what a generous gift from a little girl!

Thank you for the visit, Opal, Ellis and Jennifer!  And thank you so much for giving all those coins and dollars from your piggy bank, Opal.  Your generosity is touching, and each year when you give, you always inspire others to do the same.  Thank you so much!!!

And speaking of donations...  it's time for another matching donation challenge!  Our friend Cynthia is back with another $2500 to match!

Cynthia will match every dollar we donate until we reach that $2500 cap!   The challenge will run until 9:00 PM tonight (Pacific TIme).    

We're creeping up on $70 squillion right now, and if we meet this awesome match, we'll cruise right past it!

To make a donation and get your dollars doubled, please visit our FUNdraising page.    

In case you missed it yesterday, our fabulous posters went on sale in the IBKC shop.  They are flying out the door, so if you want to pick one up, please don't delay!

I am so grateful for all the support we've received. Thank you for another huge match, Cynthia.  Thank you, sweet Opal. Thank you Jay, for the awesome poster design. Thank you all for giving so much.  SO much.   Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!!!



  1. Yesterday I almost asked if Opal (the human) was planning to visit! She is such a sweet girl and the way she helped Wylla is awesome.

  2. This child is amazing and I hope her mother realizes what a great job she is doing. That little girl is going to become an amazing woman who will do great things. Thank you, Opal (the human) for not only donating, but being an inspiration to everyone who has been able to read these stories.

  3. I love seeing Wylla doing cute Wylla stuff! *swoon!*

  4. Opal is a wonderful example of how children should be taught to love and respect animals from an early age. I wish everyone had been taught the same. What a sweet and generous girl and gift!

  5. And thank you, Laurie, Charlene, and Wylla for all your hard work with the FUNdraiser.

  6. Opal the Human reminds us all that is good in this world. Hats off to her parents! And thanks for the pictures of her and Wylla.

  7. Yay for Opal, Ellis, and Jennifer! Opal is indeed an inspiration, and I enjoy seeing how she's changed as time goes by. Her generous spirit has certainly not changed, though!

  8. Opal (the human) ALWAYS kills me with her piggy bank donations! I'm making a vow to do the same for next years FUNdraiser! I'm not as cute as Opal, but I promise to donate next year! (Too broke this year!)

  9. a funraising question....will the posters and magnets i purchased yesterday be added to the funraising total?

    1. 100% of the poster profits go to fundraiser - that's all added in at the end.

      Magnets aren't a part of the fundraiser.

  10. Opal's compassion, kindess and generosity is a shining example for all.

    And it did look like Wylla needed some help with the phones, too :)

  11. Jennifer has totally nailed this "raising children thing." It's cool to see.

  12. I also love watching Opal-the-human grow!

  13. I always look forward to seeing Opal during the fundraiser time :) Such a lovely generous girl!

  14. I <3 Opal! What a wonderful girl!

  15. Lisa (mom of Chai)July 12, 2013 at 4:26 PM

    Opal and Cynthia are amazing! Three cheers for these awesome, generous ladies!

  16. I'm a huge fan of Opal! Her first donation made me cry like a baby! And my goodness she has grown up a lot since last year! Thanks, Opal. I'm a 7th grade teacher and I know a lot of times grown ups don't give kids enough credit for their compassion. Your family, friends and fans are proud of you and the many young people like you who strive to make the world better.



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