Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Squeebe Phoebe and Geraldine!

A couple of months back, I had the pleasure of joining Phoebe,  Geraldine, and their family for a wonderful lunch at their home.  It was a joy spending time with them again!  The girls grew up to be quite lovely and delightful, as you might have guessed they would.

Remember how adorable they were as tiny kittens?



As you can clearly see, both are equally gorgeous in their own distinctive ways.   Phoebe is classic tabby perfection and Geraldine is a floofy masterpiece.








Their family loves them SO much, and they have shared with me many times how grateful they are to have these special kittens in their life.  

Lucky kittens.  Lucky humans!   Lucky me getting to see them again!

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And when we meet that match,  we'll have another alumni update!!  


  1. I just fell in love with Phoebe all over again! She has the sweetest face.
    And my goodness! Geraldine's floof is impressive!

  2. Oh my goodness what dear hearts! We may run out of adjectives!

    I love to see them cuddling. Phoebe can snuggle in Geraldine's voluminous fur if she gets a bit chilly!

    And I see Geraldine tried to copy her baby picture for you, opening her dear little mouth. So cute!

  3. Geraldine's floof has EXPLODED! Wow! Her baby picture totally killed with cute, and as an adult her gorgeousness just knocks you over. Phoebe's quite the lovely tabby lady herself. Their human servant takes great photos, and it's clear she adores her feline mistresses.

  4. We <3 alumni week! Love love love!

  5. Wow! Phoebe and Geraldine really turned into lovely adult cats. Pheobe is so sleek and elegant while Geraldine, oh lawd, Geraldine is like some Elizabethan noblewoman. The fur around her throat looks just like one of those ruffled collars they would wear. In their own, very different, ways they are obviously queens of that house.

  6. Geraldine's floof is magnificent! And Phoebe is so sweet and sleek.

    Can we have alumni week every year?

  7. With every new alumni post, I wonder anew how kittens can be so cute. Squeebees!!

  8. Phoebe, in addition to having the most precious, friendly, inquisitive expression, ALSO has such interesting circles! Around her neck, AND a semi-circle around the top of her face. What a lovely tabby girl!

  9. I could look at pictures of these two fabulous girls all day, such beautiful kitties! Oh! My!!

  10. Der Floofmeister

  11. I had such a sweet spot for Phoebe - she looks all grown up. And Geraldine - such a wee one with such a long name - she finally grew into her name and it suits her beautifully.

    Clearly the girls are well loved and pampered.

  12. Lovely ladies!

    Patti in KY

  13. The girls have grown up to be stunning beauties!



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