Wednesday, July 3, 2013

OH, Kenneth.

Remember this pretty orange and white cloud?  It's Kenneth Wiggins!  Don't you want to hug him?


And Kenneth Wiggins is still a pretty orange and white cloud now - he's just bigger.
Don't you want to hug him even more?  Just look at him!

Here's what Larry, his pa, has to say about his boy.

I've got to say, I love having this cat as part of our family. He's the most amazing, purring ball of fluff and fun, and he loves sitting in a basket on the kitchen counter and alternately sleeping and keeping an eye on his people and big brother Merlin. You can also see that he's very close to Merlin, although it's not always 100% reciprocated. Still, he keeps our old man active most days. And on the rare occasions that I get to work from home, he's always there to supervise.

His favorite time of day is early in the morning when he's finally let in the bedroom after a long night of separation. He comes in and gets right up in my face like we're not close enough if his face isn't right up against mine. And then there's all the fun. We like to play hide-and-seek. I hide in the den then chase him into the living room when he finds me. But his favorite game to play is fetch. I buy the "Da Bird" refill feathers and just throw them across the room, and he chases after it and brings it back to me for another round. You wouldn't believe the excitement he gets in his eyes when I pull out the feather for him. It's like Christmas every day.

Kenneth Wiggins hit the jackpot when he joined this family!!  Thank you for being such an awesome kitty daddy, Larry!

This concludes our alumni updates for the day, but tune in tomorrow morning for more!  AND we'll also be celebrating wee Wylla who turns six months tomorrow!

A huge thanks to all the alumni who provided photos and stories today (and this week).   And a huge thanks to our awesome anonymous donor who matched all of our donations today!  And thanks to EVERYONE who made those donations.  And thanks to all who cheered us along!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Please be safe and get those kitties indoors.  Tomorrow is a very scary day for our four-legged friends.



  1. Oh, he does look huggable.

  2. Big, floofy boy! Oh, joy and bliss! Wish I could hug him and squeeze him and love him all over forever and ever right now!

  3. He sounds like he has enough personality for six cats! So delightful. And those are fabulous pictures. Thank you SO much for re-acquainting us with Kenneth! (And yes, give him hugs from us! And tell Merlin it's nice to meet him!)

  4. What a sweetie! Wylla's 1/2 birthday is tomorrow?!?! It's hard to believe she's 6 months old! <3

  5. He's such a handsome boy, and he sounds like he has a beautiful personality too.

  6. Laurie - You sure know how to run a fundraiser. I can hardly wait for tomorrow! Every day, so much fun and fluff! Thank you.

  7. Kenneth, that 3rd picture has given me the greatest laugh of today. You are driving Merlin a li'l crazy there, methinks ;). What sweet fuzzy bunnies you both are. xoxo

  8. Oh I want to kiss the orange spots on his face!

    Patti in KY

  9. He's beautiful! And so is Merlin!

  10. Such orange and white beauty.Kenneth is a sweet, fun, dear cat! So happy for him.



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