Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Other Ways to Give!

For you folks who prefer PayPal,  you can now donate to the FUNdraiser using this option.  Just look below our Firstgiving widget and you'll see a button for PayPal.    Anything donated through PayPal won't count towards the total now, but will be added in at the end.  

You can also write a check - just make it out to The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County,  write "IBKC FUNdraiser" in the memo line, and mail it to the shelter.

The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce Co
Attn: Marguerite Richmond
2608 Center Street
Tacoma, Wa 98409

As I mentioned before, we've been nominated for a Petties award, and the prize is a $1000 donation to our shelter. You can help us out by voting for the IBKC (as often as once a day) by clicking here!

One last thing!  We just passed the $80 squillion mark, and that is awesome!
Thank you so much to all for making that happen.   We're doing great and getting close!  Just a few more days, friends.  

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  1. And remind everyone they can donate their unwanted car to the fundraiser through a link at the Humane Society website and direct the money generated to the itty bittys :) We did it last year and it was easy!!!! Wish we could give more money this year!



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