Monday, July 15, 2013

Keeping it Safe

I don't get it. 


How do we fit all those squillions in there? There's so many of them, how can they possibly fit? 


I need to take a peek inside - let me guess, the safe combination is my birthday.  

1 - 4 - 13.  

BINGO!  I'm in!  


Wait a minute!  Even better than squillions....  THIS is where mom keeps the kitten treats!!  

Don't forget, we've got an awesome and huge $3000 match to meet today!  This is our FINAL week of fundraising - only five days to go - so if you wanted to help improve lives of homeless kittens and cats, now is the time to step forward.   Please visit our  FUNdraising page to make a donation and have your dollars doubled.  Thank you for caring.  XOXOX


  1. Holy mackerel, it IS important to keep those safe from the even younger itty bitties that can snarf them all up!

  2. I wish somebody would keep my snacks locked up!

  3. Better find a new place to hide the treats before Wylla eats them all! ;D



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