Friday, July 5, 2013

For the Ones Who Left Too Soon


Our friend Rosemary has offered up a generous $500 match for us today.  It's a special one in honor of her nephew Dylan, a young man very dear to her heart, who left this world too soon.   And it's in honor of Filbert Stout, a young kitten very dear to all of us, who left this world too soon.

Until midnight (Pacific Time) tonight, every dollar we donate will be matched by Rosemary until we reach the $500 cap.

To make a donation,  please pay a visit to our Firstgiving page.

Thank you for being so giving, Rosemary.  Our hearts go out to you during this sad time.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss Rosemary. Thank you for your generosity.

  2. What a kind and generous thing to do to honor loved ones who have left the world before their time. Thank you, Rosemary, and my sincere condolences for the loss of young Dylan.

  3. All of us have lost a dear one too soon, so this is really for the whole community! Thank you for your words.

  4. A worthy cause for a sorrowful loss.....

  5. vonneybethJuly 5, 2013 at 11:28 AM
    I'm so sorry for your loss Rosemary. Thank you for your generosity.


    Patti in KY

  6. I'm so sorry, Rosemary. Thank you for thinking of others.

    and thanks for reminding us of sweet Filbert.


  7. Aww, little cutie patootie Filbert. I'm also sorry for your loss, Rosemary.

  8. I wish I could make another donation. If I could, it would be in memory of my uncle's cat, Ghost. Today,he had to have his 13 year old beautiful kitty-boy, put to sleep because of diabetes and other health issues. 13 is too young to cross the rainbow bridge!

    Buddy and Tiger's Mom

  9. In honor of Bernadette and Jerry Lee too.

  10. Thank you so much Rosemary, what a wonderful way to honor Dylan's memory... Wylla's brother Filbert is indeed her "kitty angel" and helped her find the best home ever! I donated in honor of my feral kitties and in memory of their family members who are kitty angels now too - Bob, Gilligan, Timmy and Li'l Buddy. They are playing in the "Meadow".

  11. In honor of darling Inez Davenport too

  12. I'm sorry for your loss Rosemary. : (

    I wish I could make another donation, for my sweetheart IBD kitty Chloe, who left far far too soon at 14. Thank you Laurie for this day's dedication. <3

  13. In memory of my beloved Molly.

    boy, does Wylla ever look like her brother!




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