Friday, July 5, 2013

A Pair of Bartletts!

Today we're saying hello a pair of Bartletts - Marcell and Imogene (now Maddie).

 Here's handsome Marcel on adoption day.


And here's Miss Maddie - so gorgeous with those smokey streaks and smudges.

 And here they are today!


Here's what Mara, their mama, has to say...

 They’re still doing great and pretty crazy, cuddly, mischievous, naughty, snuggly, feisty, and lovable as ever! Most of the photos are of them being super cute while snuggling with each other or Lola, because that seems to be their favorite thing to do. Plus it’s a bit hard to snap photos of them in their crazy play mode. They wrestle a lot and even though Marcel seems about twice Maddie’s size, she can hold her own against him, except when he lays on her. 

In the evenings Maddie is very insistent on laying on one of us although she doesn’t really enjoy being held. She a bit more sensitive and it has to be on her terms. Marcel on the other hand loves to be held, hugged, patted, and have his tummy rubbed all day long! He’s a big baby while Maddie is a bit more independent. 

 Within the past year, Lola has really got into crafts with yarn, but we now have to hide it all up high since we’ve come home many times to yarn strewn about from room to room, under and around furniture, over the baby gate to their room and hidden under the bed. I also have to hide our feather dusters since they’ve killed a few. 

 They still love to carry very large objects around to play with and flip in the air like little acrobats with the tiniest of toys or random objects. We love our precious Bartletts and so happy to share our home and hearts with them!

Thank you Mara for sharing this update! Please give those sweet kitties some love from all of us!

Stay tuned, friends.  We've got more to come today!


  1. Love, love, LOVE! And, Marcel in the box! Yeah!

  2. Omg, Marcel looks identical to my Henry, down to the Costco box. And I love Maddie's smokey streaks.

  3. I love all the pictures, of course, but my favorite is the one with Maddie draping herself across Lola's chest sleeping! Kids and their pets sleeping together are the best pics (in my opinion!)!!!

  4. the picture snuggling with their human sister is so precious

  5. I love a pair of pear-kitties! They have become lovely grown up cats!

  6. I love these stories and pictures from the kittens' families! Clearly they all love their babies, and were kind enough to take the time to write. How precious is Maddie/Imogene with little Lola? (Sooo precious.) Thank you!

    Did Garfield send that box for Marcel to lay in?? (joke)

    It seems that Flickr has eaten a bunch of Marcel's and Imogene's baby pictures! Dastardly Flickr. I am happy to blame Flickr for all the ills of the world lately.

    But it is delightful to look at the remaining pictures, PARTICULARLY the Christmastime adoption tale.

    And, that story ALSO mentions ANOTHER favorite little girl of our acquaintance! (No hints! Go read it!)

  7. I see that Maddie still likes to lay on Marcel when they're sleeping.. Such cuties!

  8. When does Costco have such cute meat lasagna on sale???



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